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Next Generation Leadership: Dean Harry Richard's Welcome and Strategic Plan for the UNH Graduate School


Welcome from the Dean

Graduate education is a valuable investment in your future, allowing you to maximize your talent, experience, creativity, and hard work to achieve your greatest potential. The Graduate School works closely with the faculty to recruit talented and diverse students of the highest quality, provide competitive financial aid, ensure a challenging and contemporary curriculum, and offer the tools to prepare you for leadership.

Our programs closely align with the University’s best scholarship and research, and interdisciplinary studies are encouraged. Graduate students play a key role at a research university, and the synergy of an outstanding faculty working with excellent students from around the world creates an exciting environment for discovery. Here, great ideas, creative contributions, and scientific breakthroughs happen often.

In addition to programs at our main campus in Durham, the Graduate School extends into central and southern New Hampshire through the Graduate School Manchester Campus, located at our urban campus in Manchester’s historic mill yard.

Whether your studies will find you in Durham, Manchester, or pursuing research with colleagues around the world, there’s no better way to explore and reach your full potential than with the University of New Hampshire.

Harry J. Richards Dean, the Graduate School

Strategic Plan


The mission of the Graduate School is to provide innovative, responsive and accessible master’s, doctoral and certificate programs of the highest quality in line with the university’s “Blueprint for the Future, UNH in 2020." Graduate programs foster a close interdependence between research and classroom teaching and enhance the undergraduate experience at the university. The graduate faculty and students work together to creatively generate new knowledge and disseminate that knowledge. The Graduate School is a source of intellectual capital for the University, the region, and the nation.


The Graduate School and, in particular, doctoral education distinguishes UNH as a research university. Master’s programs, both research and professional, further enhance the university’s public land-grant, sea-grant and space grant mission. The Graduate School provides leadership to support the scholarly and creative efforts of the faculty and students, advances the principles of ethical conduct of research and scholarship, articulates and champions an institutional perspective on graduate education, promotes interdisciplinary scholarship and ensures that its graduates are prepared to become leaders in the 21st Century.


In order to accomplish this vision, the Graduate School works to:

  • Increase the visibility of graduate education on the campus, in the state, the nation and the world
  • Maintain a strong relationship between research and graduate education to best align the academic and research programs of the university
  • Enhance the diversity of our students and faculty
  • Ensure competitive compensation packages for graduate assistants
  • Increase the support for graduate students through competitive fellowships and scholarships; professional development programs (Preparing Future Faculty - PFF, Preparing Future Professionals - PFP, Responsible Conduct of Research - RCR);  and community activities
  • Ensure that PhD enrollment and graduation rates are at levels appropriate to the university’s position as a high research activity institution
  • Ensure that all graduate programs are of the highest quality through a sustained process of program review
  • Support and encourage the development of selective new graduate programs that build on the strengths of the faculty in both Durham and Manchester
  • Foster the development of international collaborations and dual degree programs as appropriate
  • Support the development of program delivery models, including on-line learning, that enhance high quality graduate programs to meet the changing nature of today’s students
  • Develop high quality academic and research programs with the UNH School of Law


The Graduate School is an essential partner and valuable resource to the campus. Success is measured by the effectiveness of the Graduate School’s and the Dean’s advocacy for graduate education through collaborative efforts with the college deans, the research office, the Graduate Council, the Graduate Student Senate, the Graduate Coordinators, the Graduate Faculty and the program staff at UNH.

About Us: Staff Directory

Harry Richards

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Cari Moorhead

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Sharon Andrews

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Dovev Levine

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Laurie Witham

  • Function: Academic Student Services Assistant, focus on students
  • Phone: 862-3004
  • Email: laurie.witham@unh.edu
photo of Laurie Witham


Peterson, Danielle

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Beth Cilley

  • Function: Academic Student Services Assistant, focus on admissions
  • Phone: 862-3000/3002
  • Email: beth.cilley@unh.edu
photo of Beth Cilley


Jonathan Adams

  • Function: Information Technologist III, technical support services
  • Phone: 862-3003
  • Email: jonathan.adams@unh.edu
photo of Jonathan Adams


Amanda Fontaine

  • Function: Sr Info. Support Assistant, admissions and technical support
  • Phone: 862-3006
  • Email: amanda.fontaine@unh.edu
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Candice Morey

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Jennifer Cooke

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Donna Laferriere

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