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Archives and Reports

There are a variety of Graduate School academic documents and reports that we archive for reference and research purposes. Some of those documents are being provided online. Currently included in the archives are the graduate school annual reports, the Graduate School catalogs, and UNH course descriptions.

Annual Reports

These reports present summaries of activities by the Graduate School and the units that report to the graduate school dean over the academic year. The report is organized around several programmatic and functional activities. The Graduate School's success depends on the support of the Graduate School staff, the Graduate Council, Graduate Program Coordinators, Chairs and staff, and the leadership of the Graduate Student Senate. Each report is written and presented by the Graduate School Dean.

Report Set I:

Report Set II:

Report Set III:

Graduate School Catalogs

Archived Catalogs are provided in PDF format for the academic year starting in Fall of 2003. Catalogs between 2003 and 2009 were done on a two year cycle. When our catalog went online, in the fall of 2009, we converted to a once a year cycle. The most current version of the catalog can always be found at the online catalog.

Catalog Set I:

Catalog Set II:

Catalog Set III:

Course Descriptions

Archived courses descriptions are provided from the academic year of 2001-2002 to the most current academic year (which usually changes around March/April). Note: The current academic year's archived course description is a snapshot of courses, taken at the begining and end of each academic year cycle, combined into a single PDF file for easy downloading and viewing. Since course descriptions can change over time, please use the online catalog for the most current course descriptions.

Course Set I:

Course Set II:

Course Set III: