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Welcome to our news and events page, where we highlight information relating to graduate students, including news stories, cutting-edge research articles, and upcoming events such as workshops, seminars and social gatherings.

News and Announcements

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2014-15 Graduate Assistantship Opportunity

The Office of National Fellowships is looking for a graduate assistant to work in their office for the 2014-2015 academic year (late August, 2014, through May, 2015). They are seeking a detail-oriented graduate student with excellent skills in communication, writing, and editing. Tasks will include maintaining social media sites; advertising and coordinating information sessions, workshops, and other events; filing and organizing; and some editing/advising work. This position offers the opportunity for a graduate student to learn valuable skills and information about the area of competitive scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

The position pays $10 per hour with a commitment of 15 hours per week. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Jeanne Sokolowski, Director, Office of National Fellowships, for more information or to apply.

photo of UNH plant biology graduate student Matt Kochka

Strawberry Fields Forever: Matt Kochka, Plant Biology Graduate Student

Plant Biology graduate student Matt Kochka is working with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) to investigate promising strawberry cultivation systems for the region. Researchers believe the annualized plasticulture system holds economic promise for New Hampshire’s and New England’s strawberry producers. Kochka recently presented this research during an NHAES education session at the 2014 New Hampshire Farm and Forest Expo. Read more about Matt Kochka and his research on strawberry cultivation with NHAES.

photo of UNH Psychology Professor Jack Mayer

"Mr. Personality," Jack Mayer: UNH Professor and Intelligence Researcher

UNH psychology professor Jack Mayer is an innovator in intelligence research. He has written more than 125 scientific articles, books, and psychological tests, including the internationally known Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence test. He has lectured around the world and appeared on National Public Radio and BBC-TV. His work has been covered in the New York Times, Time, Washington Post, and New Republic.Yet, he had begun to think that his research on emotional intelligence wasn’t comprehensive enough. In his latest work, Mayer details the history of personality research and proceeds to shape the framework for a new theory of learning—personal intelligence. Read more about Prof. Mayer, his book, and his research on personal intelligence.

photo of UNH Graduate Faculty researcher Tom Safford and the New Hampshire coast

Assoc. Prof. Tom Safford, Graduate Faculty Researcher

Associate Professor of Sociology Tom Safford's research focuses on the social aspects of environmental issues, particularly in coastal areas. While other scientists are measuring algal blooms, fecal coliform, or water runoff, Safford is measuring people’s perceptions.These perceptions are crucial and impact how stakeholders, the public, and decision-making officials view threats to coastal ecosystems. Given the substantial coastal tourism economy in New Hampshire and Maine as well as the importance of coastal resources to fishermen and women, Safford’s research could play a crucial role in sustaining the coastal economy far into the future. Read more about Tom and his sociological research on New Hampshire and Maine coastal residents' environmental beliefs.

photo of UNH doctoral candidate Lindsay Green

The "Maine" Contender: Lindsay Green, Doctoral Candidate in Plant Biology

Lindsay Green, Plant Biology, recently discovered a non-native sea potato thriving off the Maine coast. This seaweed, commonly found in the Pacific, is new to the area and is spreading rapidly. The sea potato is an epiphyte, which means it grows on top of other seaweeds; this could give it a competitive advantage, helping it push aside the native species. Read more about Lindsay and the non-native sea potato she recently discovered.

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Dissertation Defense Schedule

Doctoral students who have an upcoming dissertation oral defense will be posted on our website to help raise awareness of the research our graduate students are doing. So why not take this oppurtunity to learn about the research that our graduate students are doing!


Events and Workshops

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UNH Summer Program on College Teaching

Each summer, the UNH Graduate School and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning co-sponsor the Summer Program on College Teaching. The program features both on-campus courses and electronic, asynchronous courses. Scheduled course offerings for the 2014 program are availbe at the Summer Program on College Teaching website.