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Graduate School News

Welcome to our news and events page, where we highlight information relating to graduate students, including news stories, cutting-edge research articles, and upcoming events such as workshops, seminars, and social gatherings.

Current News

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Live Free or Die Writing Boot Camp

This January term, the Graduate School hosted its third annual “Live Free or Die Writing Boot Camp,” which is a week-long program that provides uninterrupted all-day quiet space in the Memorial Union Building for writing or work of any kind.


photo of Matt Smith, Graduate student and research scientist in front of giant heat exchanger

Leading the Way in Compost Management

At UNH’s Organic Dairy Research Farm, UNH researchers have launched an innovative composting program that provides a high-quality compost product and captures the heat energy for use elsewhere on the farm. It’s part of University Professor John Aber’s work looking beyond the cows to see the farm as an agroecosystem. To watch the video, visit the UNH Today article, Bye Waste, Hello Warmth


image of Economics Professor Michael Goldberg

Graduate Faculty Mentor Award Recipient

Michael D. Goldberg, the Todd H. Crockett Professor of Economics in the UNH Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics and a senior research associate at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), was the 2016 recipient of the Graduate Faculty Mentor Award.


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Accounting MS - 100% Placement Rate

The Accounting Masters program has achieved an outstanding 100% placement rate for all 26 students making up the current MSA Cohort. It is very early in the year to have acheived this milestone. For more information about the Accounting MS program, you can visit the program webiste.


photo of UNH professor of natural resources

Seeing the Data for the Trees

“Would New England’s climate be different if we only had half the number of tree species?” Scott Ollinger, professor of natural resources, will lead a team of UNH researchers on a $1.25 million National Science Foundation grant to understand the impact of forest biodiversity on climate change.


photo of Will Clyde

Rock of Ages

UNH Carpenter Professor Will Clyde has coauthored a book that is bringing to life Earth's long-buried history. We know the surface of Earth looked vastly different 2.5 billion years ago — but just how different, and just how events that happened millions of years in the past can give us insight into our world today, are questions that have long beckoned scientists to one location in northwestern Wyoming.


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DYF and STAF Applications are Open

Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) and Summer Teaching Assistant Fellowship (STAF) applications are now open. For more information, application instructions and deadlines, please visit our Graduate Aid Forms and Processes page.


photo of Drummond Biles and Beth Sheckler

Leading By Example

Get to know Drummond Biles and Beth Sheckler, the 2016-17 President and Vice President (respectively), of the UNH Graduate Student Senate (GSS)! The GSS is the official voice of the graduate student body at UNH; they advocate for grad student concerns and serve as a liaison to UNH faculty and administrators. But they also work to improve student life and organize social events.