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Welcome to our news and events page, where we highlight information relating to graduate students, including news stories, cutting-edge research articles, and upcoming events such as workshops, seminars and social gatherings.

News and Announcements

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Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) Now Accepting Applications

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the opening of our annual competition for Dissertation Year Fellowships. Dissertation Year Fellowships for a maximum tenure of one academic year are available on a competitive basis to doctoral students who meet the criteria as outlined in the terms and awarding criteria. These awards include a stipend and a waiver of the doctoral research fee and mandatory fees for the period of the award. Visit the Graduate School's Graduate Aid page for more information about the Dissertation Year Fellowship's eligibility requirements, instructions, and links to the online application submission portal.

photo of Ph.D. candidate Tricia Peone

The Season of the Witch

Just in time for Halloween, Ph.D. candidate Tricia Peone, '15, shares her expertise on the Salem Witch Trials of the late seventeenth century: During the Salem witch hunt, 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft. Twenty were put to death; 15 women and five men; 19 by hanging, and one man was pressed to death. Read more about Tricia's work and the historical context of the Salem Witch Trials.

photo of UNH Mechanical Engineering doctoral student Ivaylo Nedyalkov

A Profile in Excellence: Mech. Eng. Graduate Students and Faculty Receive ASME Awards

Associate Professor Martin Wosnik, doctoral student Ivaylo Nedyalkov (above) and former graduate student Nathaniel Dufresne (M.S. 2013) received awards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at the Summer Meeting of the Fluids Engineering Division. Professor Wosnik and co-author Dufresne received the prestigious Lewis F. Moody award given annually for "outstanding original paper useful to the practice of mechanical engineering," for their 2013 paper "Similarity Solution and Experimental Investigation of the Axisymmetric Turbulent Wake with Rotation." Ivaylo Nedyalkov also received the Graduate Student Scholarship Award for a second consecutive time. Read more about the recipients of the ASME awards and their research.

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New Online Thesis & Dissertation Submission Process for Fall, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Graduate Council has approved the Graduate School’s proposal to move to a fully electronic thesis and dissertation submission process. The move to electronic submission has been requested many times over by both students and faculty. This change will not only simplify the submission process and decrease the time spent on submission, but will, in most cases, reduce the cost for the students. As of the start of the fall semester, all students submitting a thesis or dissertation will do so electronically via a secure submission website. The Graduate School will no longer accept or require paper copies for binding. Students who still wish to receive bound copies, either for their department, or for their own use, can place an order through the submission website. Please see the new submission instructions and the updated thesis/dissertation formatting manual for more information.

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Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) Circle Meetings

Tuesday was the first Circle Meeting of the new academic year at OISS! We had over 80 members join us. We enjoyed pizza, cake, and cookies. The OISS and Counseling Center staff were introduced, and spoke about the purpose of Circle. Several regular participants also shared what Circle means to them: a time to make friends, relax, practice English, learn about American culture and talk about their traditions, get information and advice and have a meal together. We heard about a lot of fun upcoming events through OISS, such as an upcoming trip to Boston, the Deerfield Fair and more! If you are in search of upcoming activities, please be sure to check out the OISS website and OISS Facebook page for updates on events and activities. Also, please join us on Fridays from 3:30-5 pm for the weekly Cultural Connections presentations! Graduate student meetings will be held September 18, October 2, October 16, October 30, November 13, and December 4; visit the OISS website for more details!

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APS Lewis and Clark Fund Grant Call for Applications

The American Philosophical Society promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities through excellence in scholarly research, professional meetings, publications, library resources, and community outreach. Through its Lewis and Clark Fund, the society will award grants of up to $5,000 to doctoral students for exploratory field studies that include collection of specimens and data to provide the imaginative stimulus that accompanies direct observation. The program supports projects within disciplines that have a large dependence on field studies, including but not limited to archeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography, geology, linguistics, paleontology, and population genetics. To be eligible, applicants must be doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, or master's degree candidates. In addition, applicants must be citizens or residents of the United States. For more information about applying for APS Lewis and Clark Fund grants, please visit

photo of UNH doctoral candidate Jamie Burke

A Study in Discipline: Doctoral Candidate Jamie Burke

Ph.D. candidate Jamie Burke, Education, knows a lor about resilience and perseverance, both on the field and off; she recently competed in her third U.S. Women’s World Cup rugby tournament. Read more about Jamie and the challenges she has faced as a competitive athlete and doctoral student finishing her dissertation.

photo of UNH doctoral student Ryan Cassotto

Glacial Race: Doctoral Student Ryan Cassotto Studies Glacial Movement with NASA Fellowship

With a prestigious NASA fellowship, doctoral student Ryan Cassotto tracks the world’s fastest glacier. This important research could shed light on the rate of sea-level rise over the next century, a topic of particular interest to climate researchers. Read more about Ryan and his research on glacial movement and its impacts on climate change.

photo of UNH plant biology graduate student Matt Kochka

Strawberry Fields Forever: Matt Kochka, Plant Biology Graduate Student

Plant Biology graduate student Matt Kochka is working with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) to investigate promising strawberry cultivation systems for the region. Researchers believe the annualized plasticulture system holds economic promise for New Hampshire’s and New England’s strawberry producers. Kochka recently presented this research during an NHAES education session at the 2014 New Hampshire Farm and Forest Expo. Read more about Matt Kochka and his research on strawberry cultivation with NHAES.

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Dissertation Defense Schedule

Doctoral students who have an upcoming dissertation oral defense will be posted on our website to help raise awareness of the research our graduate students are doing. So why not take this oppurtunity to learn about the research that our graduate students are doing!


Events and Workshops

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Summer Teaching Assistant Fellowship (STAF) Information Sessions

The UNH Graduate School is hosting Summer Teaching Assistant Fellowship Information Sessions this fall. At each session we are hoping to compile a panel including this past AY recipients. The information sessions will shed light on the application process and include a question and answer session with the panel as well as information from the Graduate School on the Fellowship’s details. Register for a session on the Graduate School event registration page, and visit the Graduate School's Graduate Aid page for more information about the Fellowship's eligibility requirements and instructions.