About Analytics & Data Science

The Graduate Programs in Analytics & Data Science at the University of New Hampshire provide a wide range of training programs and industry partnership opportunities.  We are an interdisciplinary set of programs, bringing together expert faculty from across campus to explore the rapidly evolving field of analytics and data science through education, research, and exploration.

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students at commencement ceremony


To train analysts and data science professionals who develop innovative solutions to real-world problems and challenges through experiential learning and interdisciplinary teaching by practicing faculty, field experts, and industry partners.  


The Graduate Programs in Analytics and Data Science at UNH develop technologically sophisticated and ethical catalysts for change who help organizations achieve competitive advantage and work toward the betterment of peoples and societies through innovative and collaborative decision-making.  


RESPECT for individuals’ roles, diversity, contributions, and viewpoints
INTEGRITY to have ethical behavior in our relationships, practices, and decisions
CURIOSITY as a foundational, lifelong practice for comprehensive learning
HUMILITY to learn from others and remain teachable




UNH Analytics & Data Science offers top-notch, graduate-level education in analytics, where students gain experience in solving real-world analytics problems, using critical thinking, team work, and leadership skills, coupled with the professional skill set to communicate ideas.