Data Driven Women Group

Data Driven Women strives to build a supportive community of graduate learners to address the gender gap and promote the success of women in the ever-changing landscape of data.

We aim to establish a lifelong mentorship program to harness the collective intelligence, experience, and energy of inspirational women to perpetuate female influence and leadership in the professional world and beyond.


  • Foster a life-long network that encourages leadership and personal growth among women 

  • Inspire women across disciplines to join the data movement 

  • Amplify the influence and success of women in the workplace and beyond 

  • Harness the collective intelligence, experience, and energy of inspirational leaders 

  • Engage community through programming, mentoring, and sharing resources 

- A powerful network of inspiring leaders

- Bi-Weekly lunch and learn meetings

- Presenters to educate and encourage

- Continuing Alumni mentorship program

- Sharing of news, trends and learning opportunities in the field

- One in four data scientists are women, and they hold only 26% of all data professional positions

- 57% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women, only 12% of them are in computer science

- Women with eight years of programming experience are as confident in their skills as their male peers with zero to one year of programming experience - Harvard University Study

- 74% of middle school girls express an interest in STEM topics and careers, but only 0.4% of high school girls end up choosing computer science for a college major

- Tech companies led by women have an average of a 35% higher return on capital than those led by men · Only 20% of data scientists are women

- Sheryl Sandberg Video: Why we have too few women leaders: · Women in Data Science Conference Video:


- Women in Data Science

- Girls Who Code

- Women in STEM

- Women in Big Data

- UNH Women in Science

- UNH Data Science & Data Analytics

We are different in that we are a data-driven club focused on keeping up with the ever-changing technologies and innovation in our field. A key element is our mentorship model where we aim to provide guidance, training, and recruitment.

- Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference, Cambridge by Harvard IACS and MIT IDSS

- Round Table Luncheon with Dr. Jennifer Priestley, Associate Dean, Graduate College and Professor of Statistics and Data Science.

- A PhD panel discussion on Data Science Research with Kennesaw State’s PhD in Data Science students

- Women in Data Science Conference, Cambridge, Ma, sponsored by Harvard, MIT, Microsoft Research New England, and Stanford University

- Mentoring and Resume Workshop, Brown Bag Lunch

- A discussion on Negotiations and Work Relationships with Dr. Rachel Campagna, Assistant Professor of Management at the University of NH Business School

- A Discussion on Recruitment Julia Vaillancourt, alumnae, MS in Analytics ‘18, and Statistical Analyst at Equifax in Atlanta

- Presentation by Cheryl Priestley, leading the Data Analytics & Reporting team at Southern Company, a live-streamed event in collaboration with Kennesaw State University Women of Data Science

- Interview Preparation Lunch Session

- Women’s power speech session - What is Data Science?

- Review Literature - O’Reilly Women In Data Report, Confidence Code

- First Tech Night for girls in the community (DigiGirlz, Girls Who Code)

- Women in Data Science - Datathon

- Women in Data Science Conference (Cambridge) will be hosted by IACS, MIT IDSS, Microsoft NERD (in conjunction with WiDS Stanford). Free and open to the public; registration required.

- Women In Data Science Conference - live-streamed in the UNH DataLab

- Personal journey and Experiences as a Woman in Leadership Talk with Tracy Cosker, Associate Director of UNH Online

- Women in Business Conference, Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire

- Implicit bias and High Achieving Women Discussion Lunch with Vanessa Druskat, MBA Professor of Organizational Leadership, presented.

- Kennesaw State: Analytics Day Conference

- UNH Women’s Leadership Retreat: Lead Like a Woman