Data Driven Women Group

Data Driven Women strives to build a supportive community of graduate learners to address the gender gap and promote the success of women in the ever-changing landscape of data.

We aim to establish a lifelong mentorship program to harness the collective intelligence, experience, and energy of inspirational women to perpetuate female influence and leadership in the professional world and beyond.

Data Driven Women Group at University of NH


  • Foster a life-long network that encourages leadership and personal growth among women 

  • Inspire women across disciplines to join the data movement 

  • Amplify the influence and success of women in the workplace and beyond 

  • Harness the collective intelligence, experience, and energy of inspirational leaders 

  • Engage community through programming, mentoring, and sharing resources 

  • presenting
  • lunch
  • guest speaker

- A powerful network of inspiring leaders

- Bi-Weekly lunch and learn meetings

- Presenters to educate and encourage

- Continuing Alumni mentorship program

- Sharing of news, trends and learning opportunities in the field

- One in four data scientists are women, and they hold only 26% of all data professional positions.

- 57% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women, only 12% of them are in computer science

- Women with eight years of programming experience are as confident in their skills as their male peers with zero to one year of programming experience - Harvard University Study

- 74% of middle school girls express an interest in STEM topics and careers, but only 0.4% of high school girls end up choosing computer science for a college major

- Tech companies led by women have an average of a 35% higher return on capital than those led by men · Only 20% of data scientists are women

- Sheryl Sandberg Video: Why we have too few women leaders: · Women in Data Science Conference Video:



- Women in Data Science

- Girls Who Code

- Women in STEM

- Women in Big Data

- UNH Women in Science

- UNH Data Science & Data Analytics

We are different in that we are a data-driven club focused on keeping up with the ever-changing technologies and innovation in our field. A key element is our mentorship model where we aim to provide guidance, training, and recruitment.

January- Establishment of Mentorship Program for all Members of DDW

February- Resume Workshop for Data Science Recruitment

March-  Women in Data Science Conference, Boston.

  • Harvard, MIT, and Microsoft Research New England are proud to collaborate with Stanford University to bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference to Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Watch WIDS Videos here and learn about topics such as “Machine Learning: A New Approach to Drug Recover”, Data Ethics,  “Creating Global Economic Opportunities with Responsible Data”, “Don’t look. See! Are we Blinded by Data (Visualization)?” 

April- Rise & Diversify - Rising Athenas, Male Allies, and Inclusive Mentorship Presentation with special guest: David Smith, PhD.

  • David is co-author of the forthcoming book, Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace and Associate Professor of Sociology in the College of Leadership and Ethics at the U.S. Naval War

- Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference, Cambridge by Harvard IACS and MIT IDSS

- Global Recruitment Roundtable with Sam Karkach, ’19, Data Scientist, U.S. & Global Manufacturing

- Round Table Luncheon with Dr. Jennifer Priestley, Associate Dean, Graduate College and Professor of Statistics and Data Science.

- A PhD panel discussion on Data Science Research with Kennesaw State’s PhD in Data Science students

- Women in Data Science Conference, Cambridge, Ma, sponsored by Harvard, MIT, Microsoft Research New England, and Stanford University

- Mentoring and Resume Workshop, Brown Bag Lunch

- A discussion on Negotiations and Work Relationships with Dr. Rachel Campagna, Assistant Professor of Management at the University of NH Business School

- A Discussion on Recruitment Julia Vaillancourt, alumnae, MS in Analytics ‘18, and Statistical Analyst at Equifax in Atlanta

- Presentation by Cheryl Priestley, leading the Data Analytics & Reporting team at Southern Company, a live-streamed event in collaboration with Kennesaw State University Women of Data Science

- Interview Preparation Lunch Session

- Women’s power speech session - What is Data Science?

- Review Literature - O’Reilly Women In Data Report, Confidence Code

- First Tech Night for girls in the community (DigiGirlz, Girls Who Code)

- Women in Data Science - Datathon

- Women in Data Science Conference (Cambridge) will be hosted by IACS, MIT IDSS, Microsoft NERD (in conjunction with WiDS Stanford). Free and open to the public; registration required.

- Women In Data Science Conference - live-streamed in the UNH DataLab

- Personal journey and Experiences as a Woman in Leadership Talk with Tracy Cosker, Associate Director of UNH Online

- Women in Business Conference, Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire

- Implicit bias and High Achieving Women Discussion Lunch with Vanessa Druskat, MBA Professor of Organizational Leadership, presented.

- Kennesaw State: Analytics Day Conference

- UNH Women’s Leadership Retreat: Lead Like a Woman

Data Driven Women organization originated in the fall of 2017 by three graduate students of the University of New Hampshire.

Kate Cunningham, Alumna '18, was the founding president of the DDW organization. Kate was inspired to build a supportive community for women in science after attending a Women in Big Data luncheon at the Strata Data Conference in NYC. Kate has enjoyed math and athletics. She went on to work for Accenture as a Senior Data Scientist. As of 2019-20, Kate continues to mentor and be involved in the DDW club at UNH.

Julia Vaillancourt, Alumna '18, was the founding Vice President of the DDW organization. She also was inspired to help build women leaders in the STEM field after attending Strata in NYC and other conferences, where she learned of the gender disparity in the STEM field. We wanted to create a space for our classmates to discuss their experiences as women pursuing a male-dominated industry. Julia went on to work at Equifax as a Data Scientist.

Lyin Schramm, UNH MBA ’20, co-founder, Director, and Executive Coordinator of DDW. While working for graduate Analytics and Data Science programs, Lyin was inspired to encourage women in the UNH Analytics & Data Science programs in two areas: 1) confidence and leadership, and to equip them to enter the STEM professional arena. 2) To promote education on the gender gap and inequality in leadership. Lyin continues to direct and mentor for the DDW group in 2019-20 as well as collaborating on efforts of gender equality in the greater NH seacoast region.


All three women felt that by harnessing the collective intelligence, experience, and energy of inspirational leaders, we could perpetuate female influence and leadership in the professional world and beyond.

The DDW program at UNH is a feeder into a greater network of Women in Data Science organization. This group now has members across the nation stemming from the alumni from the DDW program.

For information on the current club, please inquire at