Information for Sponsors and Industry Partners

Looking for talented professionals who are equipped with the technical capabilities to skillfully extract value from massive amounts of data?

We train Data Scientists to work in mission-critical areas of business.  Because we are highly selective about the candidates we accept, we have a diverse group of experts in each cohort.  So no matter your industry or field, we will have talented, qualified candidates ready to fill your needs and start adding value.

Our goal is to provide you with talent that will not only be a good fit today, but will continue to evolve with the changing needs and aspirations of your company.

Our students are well equipped in the entire spectrum of data science starting from exploratory data analysis through recurrent neural networks & deep learning coupled with the software skills in Python, R, Tableau, JMP, SAS, AWS, and data management and flow tools from SQL to Jupyter and beyond.

Our students are required to complete a two-semester practicum where they address an industry or agency analytics question with industry-provided data and they work in a consulting-style arrangement with their designated project host. Our students receive ongoing support from top teachers and mentors.  We ensure they are not only technically competent, but good analytic communicators and translators who can understand your strategic needs and couple them to technical solutions.  

 To learn more about practicum opportunities, please contact us at

Engage with UNH Analytics & Data Science  

Our Programs strive to offer a very real-world and application-focused education experience. As such, we are actively engaging industry and agency involvement in our education programming. Below are ways you can get involved:

  1. Guest lectures/presentations: Come discuss your company/agency’s use of analytics and meet our students (or future employees!). If you are interested in setting up a presentation, please contact us at
  2. Practicum Project Sites:  If your company would be interested in sponsoring a student team project, please contact us at  As a project sponsor, you will have regular contact with students as well as the ability to provide progress assessment. The data shared by sponsors is done so under confidentiality agreements. There is no charge to sponsor a project, and all of the results of the team’s work remain the property of the sponsor.
  3. Employee recruitment: The Program will work with interested employers to facilitate the recruitment of graduates. The program will share student resumes and post job openings, as well as arrange on-campus recruitment opportunities as a complimentary service to employers.

Learn more about our current students and Alumni.

The Analytics & Data Science Program at UNH is working closely with its External Advisory Board comprised of leading regional and national companies/agencies (see list below) to develop programs that will prepare students to meet industry expectations for analytics professionals. 

The Board has representation from: