Current Students

Master of Science in Analytics, Class of 2019

Name Degree Anticipated Graduation Date
Abdalla Abdelmoaty BS Economics and Political Science May 2020
Sally Yamoaba Akuffo BSC Banking and Finance May 2020
Marc Arias BS Microelectronic Engineering

May 2020

Jan Michael Austria MS Bioengineering

May 2020

Kiana Brigham BA Political Science

May 2020

Cristiano Costa BS Statistics

May 2020

Erik Duisberg BS Physics

May 2020

Jeffrey Eisenbeis BS Business & Economics

May 2020

Veena Ganamukhi BS Engineering

May 2020

Callahan Gergen BA Political Science

May 2020

Ning Hsieh BS History, BA

May 2020

Eric Knop BA Economics

May 2020

Jacob Mannix BS Business Admin May 2020
Eric McNeilly BA Political Science

May 2020

Jordan Myerowitz BS Biology

May 2020

Cassandra Putsch BS Business Admin

May 2020

David Ramsay MS Cybersecurity May 2020
Joshua Roberge BA Economics May 2020
Samantha Roberts BS Economics May 2020
Mukta Singh BS Engineering May 2020
Kultida Tongsodsang BA Political Science May 2020
Kumara Sindhu Veeramachaneni BE of Engineering May 2020
Zachary Zalman BS Biology May 2020



Number of  Students 



  UNH Undergrad Alumni 24%  


U.S. Citizen or Permanent residents




N.H. Resident




International Student




Number of Countries of Origin (Ghana, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan)




Percent with Previous Graduate Degree




Average Number of Years Working Since Undergrad




Average Age




Range of Age




Percent Female



Student Spotlights