So, You Have a Job Offer--Now What?

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm


 Picture this: you’ve found and applied for academic jobs. You’ve had some interviews (and aced them!). You get a job offer—now what?


This session will help guide you through the negotiations process. What can and should you ask for? How does a spousal hire work? Should you, and how should you, use a counteroffer?


We’ll also discuss how power dynamics, including gender dynamics, play a role in negotiations. We’ll talk about how to best wrap up your graduate degree or post-doc appointment so you can start this cool new job you’ve been offered! If you’re an international applicant and visa status is a factor, we’ll discuss how to share that with hiring committees.


Register here using "19" as the event registration number: Zoom link will be shared with those who register as we get closer to the event. 


Hosted by the UNH Graduate School and presented by UNH Graduate School Faculty Fellow Michael Ferguson , Assistant Professor in the Department of Recreation Management and Policy.

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Kelly, Dylan