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Faculty and Staff Resources

The Graduate School provides a variety of resources that we make available on our website for faculty, staff, and departments at UNH. These resources include overviews of various academic and departmental processes, Graduate School annual and program review reports, and general reporting information for departments.


The Graduate School, along with Management Reporting and UNH Institutional Research, provides a large variety of reports and data for departments, faculty and staff. The majority come from the Graduate School WEBI Universe reporting area, with reports ranging from recruitment to graduation. These reports are provided in a joint effort between our office and the management reporting team. Institutional Research also provides data and reports on their web site that covers all UNH student data.

Sometimes a department staff or faculty member needs access to information not available on any of the existing reports provided through WEBI or Institutional Research. Should you need a customized report or have any questions on a graduate school report (or its data) please email the Graduate School's Information Technologist, Jonathan Adams (jonathan.adams@unh.edu) or call 603-862-3003.

Graduate School Review Reports

The following reports provide both detail and summary data on admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and graduation on all graduate school programs. Reports are updated late fall of each academic year. Graduate School annual reports can be found on the about us page.

Preapplication Process

All prospective international students are required to go through a preapplication process. Prospective international students will submit a preapplication form that the department will then review and make a decision on using the Pre-Application Processing and Administration (PAPA) web site. To obtain preapplications, please refer to the following instructions:

  1. Prospective international applicant fills out and submits the preapplication form.
    1. An email confirmation is sent to the preapplicant which includes a link they can use to check the status of their application. 
    2. A second email is sent to the department that contains a link the department can use to make a quick decision.
  2. The department accesses the PAPA web site to review, and make decisions on, pending preapplications. To make a decision:
    1. Use the quick decision link in the department email -or-
    2. Run a report of all pending preapplications (by department) and make a decision by clicking on the "decide" link under the "Action" column.  Only pending preapplications will have a link enabled to make a decision. A detailed view of the preapplication data is accessed by clicking on the "view" link under the "Preapp" column.
  3. Departments are responsible for making sure all preapplications get decisions and are properly closed out each term.
  4. The PAPA Wesbite requires a logon to be used. Contact the Graduate School for access to this resource.
  5. After the department makes a decision it generates an email to the preapplicant with the results of that decision.
  6. PAPA Link Generator: This generates the web link used by a preapplicant to check on their preapplication status. Enter a Preapp ID and it displays the link relating to that record.

Any department that requires training or help in processing preapplications should contact the UNH Graduate School.

Program Review for Departments

The primary purpose of Graduate Program Review at the University of New Hampshire is to ensure that programs are functioning at the highest possible level of academic quality and are operating in ways that are consistent with the missions of the University and the Graduate School. For complete information see the Graduate School Program Review Policy document.

Accessing Data and Reports

The Graduate School has created a variety of reports that collect data for use by programs under review. Some of those reports are linked above (see the detail and quality reports) and others are available via WEBI in the Graduate School reporting area. If you have specific needs for data, or need help finding and running reports, please contact the UNH Graduate School IT Manager for help.