James G49 Seminar Room


James G49 Seminar Room

James Hall G49 - Accommodates 10 chairs around table and up to 20 in chairs only
Whiteboard available; Bring your own LCD projector

Dr. Steve Frolking, Program Chair
Lynne Cooper, Program Coordinator

Office: James Hall, Room 202
E-mail: nress.phd@unh.edu
Phone: (603) 862-2227

James Hall G49 Interdisciplinary Seminar Room is used for student/faculty meetings, seminars, and courses related to interdisciplinary student programs, shared by NREN and ESCI, not limited to NRESS. 
The room may be used for small courses on a limited basis. Refreshments and moving of furniture are permitted.  Please return the room to its original condition.
To Reserve James G49 - Send an e-mail request to nress.phd@unh.edu and include:
Name, Date, Event start and end time, and Purpose (Undergrads must list a faculty sponsor)