DoctoralNet & MastersNet Resources



UNH Doctoral & MastersNet Portal

The UNH Doctoral & MastersNet portal and phone app provide UNH graduate students with a free, dynamic suite of academic and wellness tools aimed at making their academic success easier.

How It Works

Each semester new graduate students automatically receive a default account with DoctoralNet/MastersNet. In your first login, you'll be asked to set up your own account. Once your account is set up, an automatic email will be sent to your UNH email address with an overview and directions on how to use the resource, which is different depending on whether you're a master's or doctoral student. Each student is provided access to certain materials based on their degree type. This account will be active throughout your UNH graduate studies.

Some of the tools available

  • Content explaining the full academic writing and research process
  • Mapping your research process
  • Opt-in tools like the motivational emails or a 30-day writing challenge
  • Boxed sets of video, written, checklist, and slide material on ubiquitous topics such as lit review, critical thinking, getting published, etc.
  • 80+ webinars a year that allow you to join an international network of graduate students facing similar challenges as you all unpack the subtleties of advanced academic work
  • UNH graduate student-specific on-demand webinars, selected by your Dean
  • Watch the DoctoralNet/MastersNet  orientation video

If you have questions or need specific help, email: