Graduate Research Conference Registration

This is the registration form for the annual Graduate Research Conference. The conference anchors Graduate Appreciation Week and highlights graduate research in all fields. It is our most public recognition of graduate work on this campus. GRC 2021 registration is ow open. If you have any questions about this years GRC please contact Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan (

Important Dates for the GRC


Registration does not guarantee a slot. We have limited space but will accommodate as many people as we can. We will give priority to travel grant recipients (who are required to participate), students who register promptly, and to students from less well represented departments. If you have any questions about this conference please email the Dean's Office ( at the Graduate School.

Multiple Presenters: If there will be multiple presenters for your presentation then only the Lead Presenter should register using this form. Under the comment field, please list the names of the additional presenters.

Lead Presenter Information
Presentation Information
  1. Write a paragraph or so about your research, and please limit to simple text and characters - do not cut and paste any special formatting. You will be restricted to 2000 characters on the abstract including white spaces. Please note that submission of your abstract is final. Once you submit, you will no longer be able to make edits.

  2. Does your research significantly relate to the State of New Hampshire? (check box if YES)?

Mentor/Advisor Information
  1. By checking off this box you confirm that your mentor/advisor knows and agrees that your work can be presented at the GRC 2021 and displayed through the GRC gallery.

Administrative Details
  1. If you would like to be considered for the UNH Leitzel Center Prize in Graduate STEM Education Research and Outreach then check the box below. You must then contact Steve Hale at to receive guidelines for this award.

  2. Use the space below for any additional commments. If there will be multiple presenters then list the additional presenters below (only the lead presenter should submit this registration form).

  3. We are asking this question to verify that a person, and not a computer, is completing this form: If we have three posters and five oral presentations, how many are there in total?

Should you wish to cancel, make changes, or have problems with this form, please email the Graduate School Deans Office ( Please be sure to include your name and your graduate research conference information that needs to be changed or added.