International Preapplication Form

The University of New Hampshire recommends that international applicants who are living outside of the United States, and are planning on pursuing a research based degree, submit a preapplication form before submitting a full application. Your preapplication request will be carefully reviewed and a decision usually provided within 3 weeks. If your preapplication is approved then it is recommended you then submit a full application. If you are currently living in the United States (on a H1B visa, etc.), or you plan on pursuing a professional master’s degree, then you do not need to submit a preapplication.

Non-native English speaking International applicants are required to submit proof of English language proficiency. Demonstration of a sufficient level of English language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission. Submitted scores that fall below our minimum requirement will be considered unacceptable and grounds for inactivating the application until a qualifying TOEFL score can be provided. Minimum score requirements are as follows:

Please Note: TOEFL scores are waived for Permanent Residents but are required for refugees.

Official scores are not required for the preapplication. Should you submit a full application you will need to provide official scores. Please note that TOEFL scores may be waived if English is your first language. If you submit a full application and wish to request a waiver at that time, then please visit our Test Scores webpage for more information. Do not submit a waiver request for the preapplication. Waiver requests are only for full applications.

*The ITP and TOEIC may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. The ITP is the standard English assessment test (paper based) used to assess incoming students and the test must be taken at UNH to qualify. See the ESL Institute website for more details on taking the ITP. If you wish to use ITP or TOEIC scores as proof of your English language proficiency then you need to email the Graduate School at requesting approval to use them.

Note: The preapplication is not a guarantee of getting accepted into the program. International applications most commonly apply for the Fall semester but if you are interested in applying for the spring or summer check with the department to see if that is an option. See our Programs of Study page for a list of our programs, application deadlines, and their requirements.

Any field with an asterisk (*) is required. Should you have any problems with using this form please email our office and indicate the nature of the problem (date, browser, and error messages are very useful).

Preapplicant Identification
  1. Birth Date*:            
Academic Credentials: Prior/Current College Information
  1. List in chronological order the two most current colleges and universities that you received, or are planning on receiving, a degree. A 4 year bachelor's degree or its equivalent is the normal minimum requirement. Enter attended dates as YYYY/MM/DD - YYYY/MM/DD.
  2. Institution One (Required)

  3. Degree Date*:            
  4. Institution Two (Optional)

  5. Degree Date:            
Test Scores
  1. If you have not yet taken a test that the program requires then indicate the expected test date and for the score put "Not available". If possible and applicable provide percentiles for scores. GRE Codes: V = Verbal, Q = Quantitative and AW = Analytical Writing. GMAT Codes: Q = Quantitative, V = Verbal, T = Total and W = Writing. Example of how to enter GRE Scores: "V: 620, 20%, Q: 550, 30%, AW: 5.5, 50%". Use a similar format for GMAT scores. For English language scores please indicate both the test type (TOEFL, IBT, IELTS, etc.) and the score itself. Example: TOEFL IBT: 83. See the Graduate School Test Scores page for minimum TOEFL/IELTS requirements. Note: If your program requires scores and you do not provide them (or an expected test date) the department may deny you automatically.
  2. TOEFL Test Date:            
  3. GRE Test Date:            
  4. Other Test Date:            
Language Background
Funding and Aid
  1. Amount of funds in US dollars available each year for your education (enter numbers only). If none are available enter "0" for the amount and for source enter "None". Note that, even with aid from UNH, you may still need funds to cover other life expenses:

  2. Are you requesting aid from UNH?*
  3. Are you requesting aid from other sources?*
Research, Publications, and Faculty
  1. Research: Specify your particular area of research interest. Note that this is a required field. Limit of 2800 characters including white space.

  2. Publications: List any publications or other achievements below. Limit of 2800 characters including white space.

  3. Faculty: List any faculty that you would be interested in collaborating with. Limit of 2800 characters including white space.

Administrative Details
  1. We are asking this question to verify that a person, and not a computer, is completing this form: How many apples if you have four and add four more?

  2. By submitting this form I confirm that all information provided is correct and true.

Should you wish to cancel your preapplication please email the UNH Graduate School with your name, preapplication ID and date of birth so we can identify your record. Note that once submitted you will be unable to edit the data. If you encounter technical problems with this form please email our office with the nature of the problem.