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The Graduate School often sponsors various workshops, seminars and other events for the benefit of our students. This form is used to register for these events online. Any field with an asterix (*) is required. To register for multiple events hold down the control key while clicking on each event.

To see a complete list of events and their descriptions, as well as events relating to graduate students from other departments and organizations on campus, see our Graduate School and Professional Development Workshops and Events Calendar. Note that you can only use this form to register for events sponsored by our office.

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  1. Some events may offer food as part of the event, and, sometimes, an option to select a food preference. If the event description indicates this then select your choice below.

Additional Information
  1. Some events (designated by an * in their title) have a late cancellation fee. By registering for any event with this fee you acknowledge that should you cancel your registration without giving at least 24 hours notice, or fail to notify us at all, you will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee to your student account.

  2. We are asking this question to verify that a person, and not a computer, is completing this form: If you registered for two events yesterday and registered for three events today, how many events have you registered for?

CLICK ONLY ONE TIME - Form may take up to a minute to process.

Should you wish to cancel, make changes, or have problems with this form, please email the Graduate School with any changes or questions. Please be sure to include your name and which events you signed up for (or wish to sign up for).