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Offer of Admission Response

Congratulations on your offer of admission from the UNH Graduate School! If your program does not require an enrollment deposit, and you are not an accelerated masters student, then you can indicate whether you accept this offer of admission or not using the process outlined below. Only students officially admitted, approved, and coded by our office will be able to respond online. You will be notified by email from the Graduate School when that happens.

Becoming a Wildcat

Respond Online

Below are instructions for submitting your online response to an offer of admission made by the UNH Graduate School. *Note: Once you have responded online you will not be able to change your decision using the online process; contact our office directly if you wish to make any changes to your selection.

  1. Login to WebCat using your MyUNH account and then click the "Admissions" tab.
  2. On the "Admissions" Page click on "Application Status"
  3. If you have an application that is in need of a response you will see a section titled "Admitted Applications REQUIRING YOUR RESPONSE." Click on the one you wish to respond to.
  4. The "Display Admitted Application" page will load. At the bottom of this page select one of the options from the pull-down menu:
    • Accept: This means you are accepting the offer of admission and are going to attend the UNH Graduate School.
    • Decline: This means you are NOT accepting our offer of admission. If you select this option, you will be prompted for a reason as to why you are declining.
    • Defer: If you wish to accept the offer but would like to defer your admission for (at most) 1 year, then select this option. You will then be asked to select the semester and the year that you wish to defer to.

After making your decision a confirmation page appears and then you are done. Decisions are updated instantly (except for deferrals) so if you go back to the application menu you should see your updated status. If you wish to register please allow 1-2 business days for your account to clear before registering.

Accelerated Master's Students

If you are an Accelerated Master's Admit you will not be able to respond online as you need to meet with our Academic Counselor. Please see becoming an Accelerated Master's student for more detail.

Enrollment Deposit Programs

If your program requires an enrollment deposit (this information can be found under the program you got admitted to under our programs of study page) then you will not be able to use this form. Instead, if accepting, you will need to pay your enrollment deposit, which will indicate your acceptance to the offer of admission. If you are not accepting the offer, or wish to defer, then please email our office directly at grad.school@unh.edu and include your decision (if deferring include the term you wish to defer to), name, and UNH ID. Should you fail to pay your deposit by the deadline you will automatically be coded as not accepting and your application inactivated. For additional help see our enrollment deposit FAQ.

International Admits

If you are an international applicant who has been admitted and you are accepting that offer, be sure you have completed all required paperwork with the Office of International Students and Scholars.