Alicia Hernandez

Alicia Hernandez

After completing the program, Alica found employment as a Data Scientist at Systems & Technology Research.

Alica's Background

Originally from Saugus, Massachusetts, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Salem State University along with a minor in Sociology. During my time as an undergraduate, I worked as an intern for the marketing department at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. There I fulfilled a social media marketing and event planning role as well as aided in the production of the 40th Anniversary Neighborhood guide. After graduation, I spent time working in the foodservice industry and had intentions of soon returning to school in pursuit of my master’s degree. Originally in search of an MBA program, I came across the Master of Science in Analytics here at UNH. Knowing the tip of the iceberg of the power and endless uses of data through my background in marketing, my passion for data science was quickly ignited due to my curious nature, attention to detail and love for problem-solving. I could not be happier with my decision to pursue a career in Analytics and Data Science.

In addition to my coursework, I was also a digital marketing manager for the Analytics & Data Science department. Combining all of my experiences along with my growing data science tool belt I am excited to continue to learn and develop my skills surrounding coding, data analysis, visualization, and predictive analytics. 

Professional Goals as a Student

Industry-wise, I have a wide variety of interests such as sports (hockey), marketing, and healthcare. Wherever my career path leads me I feel it is most important to take advantage of the opportunity to continue to learn each day. It is clear and exciting that data science is continuously evolving while becoming a major contributor to a wide variety of industries, opening a plethora of possibilities for those like myself building a foundation in data science. Coinciding with the growth of the field, my range of interests continues to grow and develop as I gain more tools and skills through my experiences in the M.S. program. 

Projects During Program

During my time in the program, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of rewarding projects. My summer practicum project focused on real-estate market data using machine learning algorithms, clustering methods, and data cleaning techniques through coding languages Python and R. The project resulted in the creation of a statistical model able to predict prices of homes for sale using limited structural data and instead more heavily focused on data surrounding the location or neighborhood of the property.

In the fall semester, I created an application that provides a user-friendly visualization dashboard presenting comparisons of National Hockey League Teams throughout the last 14 seasons on various metrics. The app also provides additional insights on player performance compared to their teammates for each respective season.

These projects have provided the opportunity for application of what I have learned in the classroom as well as continuing to develop my skills in data cleaning, visualization, and the implementation of many machine learning tools. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills through my future projects.

What did you find valuable about the M.S. program?

The experience and value I gained from the M.S. program so far is immeasurable and stems from a number of sources. From the knowledgeable and supportive professors, diverse and unique experiences from other students, and the opportunity to gather real-world experiences from projects working with industry partners. I immensely expanded my abilities in several coding languages such as Python, R, and SQL. I gained the ability to apply many machine learning algorithms to solve problems but more importantly, I am now able to understand the theory and inner workings behind them. Each day I continue to harness new problem-solving techniques and interpersonal skills which I feel will be of the utmost importance to me throughout the duration of my career wherever it may lead me. 


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