Bethany Bucciarelli

Bethany Bucciarelli

Bethany received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior. During her senior year, she studied animal behavior, focusing on domestic cats and goats, and conducted research on their curiosity quotient and behavioral variations.  Presently she is working to complete her Master of Science in Analytics.

During this program, she learned three new coding languages, as well as visualization techniques using Tableau and D3 within R. Bethany advises the most valuable thing she has learned is a new way of thinking. To look at something and not only ask how and why, but to develop alternative and (hopefully) better methods and solutions for everyday problems. Her summer 2016 practicum project was a team that analyzed Hospital Acquired Condition rates amongst hospitals all over the country with the hope to find a way to decrease their prevalence and develop best practices.

During her undergraduate years, she became involved in music an event production and promotion. Live music has become a passion she loves to be involved with when not at school. Bethany also love to create, whether it’s cooking or building something new, always up for a new challenge.

Bethany’s plan is to focus on Epidemiology and Population Health through an analytic lens. To further that, she is very interested in how preventative medicine in combination with a holistic approach to community and personal health can transform our nation. Her hope is to be a pacemaker for these refined practices and to study common chronic diseases in hopes to better understand why they are so prevalent, as to help our nation and world to become what they are capable of. 

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