Callahan Gergen

Callahan Gergen

What is your previous academic experience?

Master of Science in Analytics & Data Science (est. graduation May 2020)

Bachelor of Arts; Graduated 2019 with a focus in Data Analytics

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

What are your professional goals?

I'm interested in a career in Sports or Health analytics. I have a passion for both paths and have invested time in projects related to both. I'm currently partnered with the UNH Men's Hockey Team working to analyze off-ice performance and relate it to on-ice key performance indicators. I'm also a public health fellow with the UNH Master of Public Health program working as part of a team in order to better understand public sentiment and harmful algal blooms.

What projects have you worked on?

As a research fellow with the Master of Public Health program at UNH, I have worked with a team of UNH and other public health faculty to scrape, visualize, and model data relating to harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Lake Erie watershed. I joined this project in June 2019, and in my role I have cleaned data and assisted in evaluating, automating, and improving models for public reactions and sentiments surrounding HABs and other environmental occurrences. In this position, I have worked mainly with R and SAS, but also Python, Tableau, and Power BI to provide visualizations, and I have co-authored and assisted in preparing papers and/or presentations to communicate research results."

How has your time at UNH had an impact?

I have enjoyed the sense of community developed. Along with building key technical and soft skill abilities, this program develops around connections made with other students, faculty members, and industry leaders. I look forward to continuing to become a part of this community, and transitioning in my role from student to industry member.

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