Cassandra Putsch

Cassandra Putsch

What have you studied at UNH at prior?  
Master of Science in Analytics (estimated graduation May 2020)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of New Hampshire
Specialization: Information Systems and Business Analytics

What are your professional goals?
A Career in Sports or Business Analytics. I played sports in high school and found a love for the world of athletics. Paired with my skill set in business, Analytics and Data Science would bring unique value to the right company.

What projects have you worked on?
My interest in Analytics began during an E-Business class during my undergrad. I worked on a group project to run a sentiment analysis in R on presidential tweets, which allowed us to get scores for both presidents that described the overall sentiment of their tweets. In my senior capstone project, I built a website and created a logo for a client creating a startup business. My team implemented Agile methodologies and met with our client bi-weekly, which resulted in a fully-functioning website and a logo ready for the client.

In the M.S. in Analytics program, our team’s summer project was to research and analyze the lives of Americans with multiple jobs and the ways in which they compare to the lives of those with one job. The study revealed that people with multiple jobs seemed to have a lower rating of well-being than those with one job. In my work as Communications Manager on a Marketing and Sports Analytics project for the UNH Analytics program and Wildcat Athletics at UNH, our team has researched history, created descriptive statistics, developed videos and delivered communications via university social channels to promote the field of using data and analytics. In stage two of the project, our team is working with the UNH Men’s Hockey team to analyze any potential correlations between specific conditioning exercises and on-ice performance.

How has your time at UNH had an impact?
I have found the people and resources in this program to be extremely valuable. Members of the class support one another continuously. We have become somewhat of a family. The resources are abundant. I have been introduced to numerous industry partners, data science experts, and an incredible range of UNH faculty members. We have learned the skill set needed for a data science career, such as programming languages and algorithms, but we have also been exposed to soft business skills such as resume-building techniques, creating an effective LinkedIn account, Agile methodologies, and things that I know will be invaluable moving forward. I feel far more prepared to begin a career than I’ve ever felt.

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