Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh

Tell us about your background:

I received my BS in Biochemistry from Cornell in 2009 and subsequently worked in orthopedic drug research for two years at UC Davis Medical Center before completing my MS in Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown in 2012. I moved into the realm of nonprofit pharmaceutical work in 2013 at the Foundation for Healthy Communities in Concord where I founded and served as the program coordinator of the New Hampshire Med Bank, NH’s only charitable pharmacy. 


What are your professional goals:

I recently founded a data analytics firm, Concord Analytics, with my friend and classmate, Caroline Lavoie. Our firm provides a variety of analytic and IT services for companies and organizations across a variety of industries. We also specialize in serving healthcare clients as we have over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector. Please connect with me via email or LinkedIn and visit our website at www.concordanalyticsllc.com 


Tell us about analytics projects you have worked on:

During the program, I have been working with the Elliot Health System and Avant Course for my practicum projects, focusing on falls related patient data and weather station reliability analyses respectively. I’ve also done various other projects related to accidents, injury, and fatality analyses in the extreme sports communities (slacklining and BASE jumping). I am passionate about healthcare analytics and am grateful to be part of such an amazing group of people. Some of the tools I am most passionate in using include Python, R, SQL, and Tableau. 


What have I found valuable about the program thus far?

The project based nature of the program has allowed me to get real word experience with industry partners to implement my data analytic skills. To become a great data scientist you need to practice, practice, practice, and the more time you can spend with the tools, the data, and the problems, the more you learn. You will make lots of mistakes but you will quickly learn from them and make less as you go forward. This program wants you to make mistakes and keep moving forward because perfectionism is not the goal, progress and improvement are the goals.  


Why did you choose to pursue a career in analytics?

I want a career that forces you to continuously learn and deal with a variety of problems. It also forces you to master certain skills and go in-depth with your knowledge. Healthcare and biotech are great fields to be in and analytics provides you the opportunity to understand and solve the problems in these industries. You play a role in making a difference and drive the future decisions and direction of the industries.  


Extracurricular activities:

When not working or studying, I love slacklining, rock climbing, snowboarding, and any racquet sport. I am the Director of Access Management and Board Treasurer for Slackline US, a national sport association and I coordinate slackline and highline events across the country in places like Boston, New Hampshire, and Moab, Utah. I am also a paraglider and am working through my paragliding pilot license certifications while in the program.

To learn more about Dan, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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