Devan Miller

Devan Miller

I received my bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Paul College at UNH in 2018. While I was in Paul I focused on finance and marketing. I first became interested in analytics after taking Marketing Analytics my senior year. The quantitative side of marketing intrigued me and led me to the Analytics and Data Science Program at UNH. There I had the opportunity to learn more about how analytics is applied to business as well as how it is used across other fields.

Professional Goals

I would like to be in a role where I can combine my business background and analytics skills. Another overarching professional goal of mine is to do work that helps others. My industry interests are diverse, but the healthcare and hospitality/travel industries are areas that I am most interested in and whose outcomes have the potential to make people's lives better or easier. In these industries that generate massive amounts of data, analytics has the ability to identify and solve many problems, which is why I am excited that I have chosen this career path.


In Health Analytics, I had the opportunity to work with 2017 commercial insurance claims from New Hampshire. Among other insights, we were able to look at the distribution of the patient population, cost differences for in-state and out-of-state patients and the counties with the highest number of claims related to overdoses. The claims data was loaded and manipulated using Python. I enjoyed this project because it was a good "real-world" example, meaning it gave me the chance to answer questions that might be asked by someone using this dataset in their job.

What have you found valuable about the M.S. program thus far?

The most valuable part of the M.S. program is by far the people. I felt so lucky to spend every day learning and working with such smart, driven and supportive classmates. They are constantly sharing their knowledge and challenging themselves and each other. The professor and faculty are the same. They work so hard to prepare us and make themselves available to help with material, projects, and networking.






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