Gowri Neeli

Gowri Neeli

Gowri's Background

I grew up in Indian Space Research Organization locality, then I went on to receive my bachelor’s and master's in computer science and engineering. I then spent time in Honeywell Technology Solutions & Labs and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) as a Research assistant where I got introduced to different kinds of data and its collection process – Satellite imagery data, GPS data, remote sensing data, floor plan data, etc. This ignited my passion for M.S. in Analytics & Data Science. 

Professional Goals

During the M.S. in Analytics program at UNH, I began building my toolbox to handle different kinds of data such as finance, healthcare, geospatial and genomics data. I believe data has its own story depending on the problem and industry to tell. One day, I would love to see myself in R&D projects to develop new products that are helpful to mankind. 


I worked with a major health care industry to provide better care in the communities they serve. We mostly used Python, Random Forest, Naïve Bayes Classifier, Neural Networks, JMP, and Tableau.

In another project, my team and I analyzed UBER data to better understand the dynamic disturbances in traffic patterns within New York City during special events. We proposed an algorithm to identify these disturbances using the Jack-Knifing approach. The tools we used for this project are R, K-means clustering, Jack-knifing, JMP, and Tableau. Our team won first place for this project in a poster presentation competition at the North-East Big Data Conference in Portsmouth NH!

What have you found valuable about the M.S. program thus far?

There are three main things I’ve found valuable in the program:

1. Having wonderful Professors who directly or indirectly encourage us to reach our passions. They will always stand up for you when you need them. 

2. The projects and hackathons which are organized in the class led us to be in the intelligent competitive space. The hackathon/ practicum projects will pair each student with other students to work on several data science projects. Data Science is a team sport. 

3. The department has a very good working relationship with various companies, offering students data science consultant projects. On Fridays, we mostly have industry speakers who share the industry expectations and latest technologies used. 

Extracurricular Activities 

 I was a state basketball player who won trophies and played several other games at the school level. I have also been a Girl Scout and guide in an organization that aims to support young people to build confidence and self-esteem, learning important life skills and leadership skills. It is about inspiring others and believing in yourself.

To learn more about Gowri, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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