Hailey Bodwell

Hailey Bodwell

Tell us about your background.
I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire in Health Management and Policy in 2015. During my undergrad, I conducted research in population health management and wish to continue to explore data related to this area. As part of my specialization for the Analytics program, I also studied public health.

What have you found valuable about the program thus far? 
What I value most about this program is the ability to transform the analytics skills that we have learned in the classroom to real world situations. I completed a project this past summer that analyzed crime data to assist with targeting of police resources to specific areas and to define descriptive characteristics related to crime types within each city. It is fascinating to discover how industries that appear to be traditional in nature can be innovated with data analytics.

Do you have any extracurricular activities you would like to tell us about? 
While a good portion of my time was spent doing coursework for the program and working on the weekends, I enjoy relaxing by painting and charcoal drawing when I have free time. I have also been an active volunteer in the addressing sexual assault and domestic violence issues in our community for several years.

What are your professional goals? 
The core of my professional goals are to help those in need, which is why I plan to continue my professional career in health care. Both public health and health care administration are constantly changing, which is both exciting and challenging. I believe that analytics is the most effective medium to assist in solving the intrinsic issues present in our health system. The skills that I have learned from this program have given me a new framework that will help me to address these issues in a more innovative and creative way. 

Thakur Scholar Award in Health Analytics
​Hailey received the Thakur Scholar Award in Health Analytics. Hailey received her BS in Health Management and Policy in 2015.  She then went to work for Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover and quickly realized the importance of data driven decision making holds in the health care environment, both clinically and administratively.  She hopes to continue her work in data analytics in the health care sector.   In addition to being a model student, Hailey is a thoughtful and highly personable young woman.  This year she is working on a practicum project for CA Technologies.

 To learn more, connect with Hailey here.

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