James Blauvelt

James Blauvelt

After completing the program, James found employment as a Data Scientist at Vyasa Analytics.

James's Background

I earned my undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of New Hampshire and, after having trouble finding work in that field, went to work in the foodservice industry. In the kitchen, I nurtured a lot of the skills I put into practice today in Data Science: communication, work ethic, tactical decision-making, and attention to detail. This work brought me back to the University of New Hampshire where I assumed a leadership role in the Dining program. While working for UNH Dining, I also started to explore the world of data, earning a Graduate Certificate in Data Science from UNH in Spring 2018. Encouraged by faculty, I entered the full-time M. Sc. in Data Science program the following summer and look forward to building on my foundation in Data Science.

Professional Goals as a Student 

I want to bring my leadership and problem-solving skills into the Data Science world. I’m most interested in working in Bioinformatics, using my communication, data wrangling, and visualization skills to become a bridge between biological science and actionable insights. I am determined to keep learning, a necessity in an ever-evolving field, and to help drive insights that can assist in the identification and prevention of disease.

Projects During Program

I had been busy building a portfolio of projects outside of academia. I was a consultant for a local retail company, where I used clustering algorithms to help with customer segmentation and targeted marketing. I was also very invested in bringing my skills in data analytics into the kitchen, and I worked closely with a local start-up restaurant to apply those skills towards supply chain optimization and food waste reduction. Finally, I worked on budding projects with a few biotechnology companies, and I couldn’t have been more excited to get my feet wet with some real bioinformatics data.

What did you find valuable about the M.S. program?

I tried to take advantage of every opportunity the program had to offer and I couldn’t have been happier. From the diverse and talented cohort to the brilliant and personable faculty, I found new ideas and techniques at my fingertips wherever I looked. 

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