Jen Legere

Jen Legere

I received my Bachelor of Science from UNH in Health Management and Policy in 2015. I then started my career in the insurance industry which led to a analyst role in I.T. This position allowed me to see first-hand the importance of data-driven decision making, as I was the liaison between business resources and software developers. This experience sparked my interested in Data Analytics which ultimately lead me to this program, and I couldn’t be more grateful!  

Professional Goals

My professional goals center around helping those in need, which is why I would love to get back to my roots and land a position in the healthcare sector where I can effectively utilize the skills I developed in this program. The complexities and regulations of the healthcare system can be overwhelming, and the amount of available information is endless.  I think analytics is the best way to navigate and uncover important secrets hidden within the data.  


This fall semester I completed a project focused on ranking and analyzing New Hampshire hospitals using discharge data. During this process, I gained valuable experience in data cleaning, web scraping, probabilistic matching, and clustering algorithms. The entire project was done in Python which helped to strengthen my coding abilities. I really enjoyed applying the skills I learned to a large tangible project, while also learning about the healthcare system along the way.  This project also taught me how fragile and subjective ranking metrics can be, and I am interested in investigating other ranking metrics in the future. 

What have you found valuable about the M.S. program thus far?

The most valuable aspect of the program was the relationships gained with the professors. The professors in this program are knowledgeable, supportive, and engaging which makes learning complex material enjoyable. They genuinely care about each students' success both in and outside of the program which gave me the confidence to apply concepts we learned in class to real-world scenarios.

Other Activities

This semester I was given the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate class entitled "Health Analytics".  Through this experience, I gained valuable insight into how to effectively communicate and teach analytical tools to an audience. This has been extremely valuable and required me to understand the material in a more robust way. The skills I have learned while being a Teaching Assistant will be transferrable to my career as I will need to be able to present my findings to those outside of the Data Science world.

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