Jon Vignaly

Jon Vignaly

A Conversation with Jon Vignaly, M.S. in Analytics ’16
Data Scientist at Westpac New Zealand Limited, New Zealand

We asked Jon to reflect on why he chose the Master of Science in Analytics at UNH and how it has impacted his current career. 

“I applied to the UNH Analytics and Data Science Master’s program because I had gotten a small amount of exposure to analytics during some of my undergraduate classes at UNH and I was very intrigued by it. I then started doing work in the analytics field and was teaching myself along the way. I then realized that I needed to learn more than basic analytical techniques and learning how to code to understand and create advanced analytics and the data science predictions I was striving for.

Thus far, I have gotten great value from my Master of Analytics and Data Science degree. In my job, every day I use the skills and programing languages (Python, SQL, Tableau) I learned at UNH to solve problems at my company and provide them with practical and efficient solutions. The cluster courses I took at UNH supplemented the program well and helped in my transition into my new job as well as helping my team to work more efficiently together.

I also continue to stay connected with UNH Analytics, and through Westpac. I recently worked with students on a practicum project. The connections, with other students, faculty and industry professionals, that I made during my time at UNH and those that I continue making through UNH since I have graduated are great resources for me in this industry. I have been able to reach out to them with any needs to get feedback on ideas or input on problems. It has been a great community of people available to support me.”


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