Jordan Myerowitz

Jordan Myerowitz

What is your previous academic experience?

Master of Science in Analytics & Data Science (est. graduation May 2020)

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minors in Chemistry and Spanish, University of Maine

What are your professional goals?

A career in Healthcare or a Healthcare-related company. Healthcare costs are rising exponentially, and Analytics and Data Science provide the right tools and problem-solving skills to approach the future landscape prepared. I hope to be able to make helpful changes and address the problems that we are experiencing now.

What projects have you worked on?

During the summer semester, my team's project was to analyze the changing opinions of US citizens through the General Social Survey, a decades-long surveillance project that surveys Americans and asks them a series of questions in order to measure "the pulse of the nation." We concluded that Americans as a whole are becoming more open to others than in decades past and that opinions and voting patterns fall along generational divides.

More recently, I web-scraped data on New Hampshire hiking trails via R and clustered them as a personal project to discover new hiking trails. From there, I employed R Shiny to create an interactive website that filters the data based on the characteristics of a trail. The process behind the projects can be found on my Github blog: (under construction). The Shiny App can be reached here:

I also intern at Career and Professional Success as their Analytics intern. Since the summer, I've helped streamline and partially automate their monthly student engagement via Python programming. I have also created internal dashboards for their monthly reports. Lately, I've been examining and cleaning their First Destination Survey data to see where recent UNH graduates are employed. Expect to see the data for where 2019 graduates went this coming Spring!

How has your time at UNH had an impact?

Not only does the M.S. in Analytics program prepare you in the technical sense, but it also prepares you in the soft-skill sense. Industry speakers are brought in continuously with their real-world experience, and I am constantly challenged by the coursework. I am becoming a better version of myself every day.

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