Joy Lin

Joy Lin

Tell us about your background.
II received a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a Master's Degree in M.B.A. For the past five years, I have enjoyed working at a public accounting firm and then for an industry computer company in the area of international taxation. Because of the nature of work, I had opportunities to collaborate with people from different countries and across multiple disciplines such as lawyers, IT and treasury teams. Throughout the working experience, I could see the growing influence of data analytics in many sectors including the taxation field. Even as a tax specialist, I also used regression analysis during a tax audit defense and learned to automate the data collection process from a Hyperion database. On top of this, I analyzed past data to alert the management team to the potential tax audit risks from ttax authorities from all over the world.  Therefore, I became interested in data analytics. Before starting the M.S. program, I self-taught and obtained certifications of SAS Base and Advanced Programming.  I then learned Python and R from various online courses. In the UNH M.S. Analytics program I have continued learning new programming skills and important concepts and applications of various analytics methods.

What are your professional goals? 
My previous work involves compliance work for taxation. I would like to work in the area of regulatory compliance in the banking, asset management and insurance spaces. I hope to use machine learning techniques and algorithms to develop optimization functions and build predictive models to help financial services firms enhance their IT systems or operational processes, issues of financial crimes, consumer compliance, and regulatory compliance. However, I never limit my career to a specific industry. For example, I am part of the healthcare analytics cluster in this M.S. program and during my free time I also audit a casino management course under another department. I try to expose myself to as many business domains as possible so I am able to address issues in different situations and industries.

What have you found valuable about the M.S. program thus far? 
To me, the background of the students in our class is the most valuable and unique asset in our program. Our classmates come from different industries and some of them even have Ph.D’s. The ideas and industry knowledge shared by classmates always benefits the learning process in our classes and teamwork projects. In addition, we have professors from different departments who specialize in different analytics tools. The practicum projects provide students the opportunity to work with industry partners which also provides us with valuable experience in the real-world analytic situations.

Do you have any extracurricular activities you would like to tell us about? 
Doing yoga is my principal interest. My shoulders are always stiff and sore because of working long hours in front of a computer every day. Regularly doing yoga eases the stiffness and pain of my shoulders. To deepen my knowledge of yoga and practice it independently and safely, I completed yoga training for two-hundred hours and obtained the teacher certification a few years ago. I hope I could professionally share this healthy exercise with people who want to help their muscles and mind relax.

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