Kumara Sindhu Veeramachaneni


What is your previous academic experience?

Master of Science in Analytics & Data Science (est graduation May 2020)

Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering

What are your professional goals?

As we all know, data analytics has become a fast-paced field and I am learning to evolve with the latest technologies and future trends in all industries. I realize that I need to explore new industries and have the flexibility to work on various scenarios/problems instead of sticking to a specific industry.

What projects have you worked on?

In the summer semester, I worked on Tableau & Python on creating well-defined visualizations and tons of research on the project we worked for. Currently, our team is working on different projects with our industry partners, FreshAir & Benevera looking at various aspects of their equipment and business processes, respectively.

How has your time at UNH had an impact?

I have grown so much in this program. Now I am confident enough to face new challenges. Our weekly workshops and presentations have been very useful as we have become aware of the expectations from outside industries. Professors in the Analytics and Data Science program are the best and provide current insight into the fields where we hope to work.

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