Logan Mortenson

Logan Mortenson

Tell us about your background and some of the interesting things you've been working on and conferences you've attended.

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree Statistics from the University of New Hampshire. My areas of interest are in sports and finance.

I attended the SAS Analytics Experience in Las Vegas September 12 – 14 where I learned from some of the brightest analytical minds. I attended keynote speeches, theater sessions, breakout sessions, and Q & As. My favorite session was “8 Tips for Making Machine Learning More Interpretable” where I learned a tremendous amount about a very gray area subject. Other accomplishments include winning first place in the Undergraduate Research Conference Business Analytics Competition and a Green Belt Certification for Six Sigma Statistics.

Breakout Sessions I attended at the SAS Analytics Experience were very interesting. I am always trying to find ways to learn at a deeper level. My 3 favorite sessions were related to data science mainly. I attended a Q and A about the differences between data science and analytics. I also attended a couple sessions related to data modeling techniques, one that discussed more efficient, accurate, and robust ways to model data along with another where I learned ways to interpret the more complex models.

Key takeaways from these breakout sessions are that data can be big and it is only getting bigger. As a data scientist I need to continually keep up with research, new information, and new techniques to learn the best ways to adapt to the world as it changes.  I learned that what I am being taught in class will put me in a great position as I am starting my job search.  The SAS Conference confirmed the fact that data scientist and analyst are in such high demand and that the more I can learn and master during school and even throughout my career the more control I will have over my future.

Do you have any extracurricular activities you would like to tell us about? 

I am a former member of University of New Hampshire Men’s Basketball team where I learned some of the skills I deem most valuable. I also am a part of the Hospitality team for the University of New Hampshire Analytics program.

What are your professional goals? 

My professional expectations are high yet attainable. First and foremost, I would like to get a job that allows me to continue my curiosity for analytics. I want to continually push myself to learn from my peers and be the best I can be. I wouldn’t say I have specific areas of focus because when it comes down to it I could do and learn data science and analytics every day. However, if I had to choose a couple of areas of interest they would be sports and finance.

Logan has recently accepted a position at Walmart Corporate as an Analyst II Analytics in Compliance and Ethics. 

To learn more, connect with Logan here.

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