Mark McComiskey

Mark McComiskey

After completing the program, Mark found employment as a Data Engineer at Takeda.

Mark's Background

I graduated from Roger Williams University in 2011 with a major in Market Research. I’ve worked for multiple companies at this point in my career primarily focused on analytics and reporting. The fields of work include travel (Grand Circle Corp.), online media (Havas Media), insurance (Liberty Mutual), and wireless/broadcast communications (American Tower Corp.)

Professional Goals as a Student

Prior to this program, my work was already focused on analytics and big data problems. My primary goal was to further strengthen my understanding of the field as well as expand my tool kit. I had limited experience working in programming languages. I saw that through this program I would be exposed to many problems and trained to solve them in the most efficient way possible.

Projects During Program

My summer practicum project was easily the most valuable experience I’ve had. I was placed with a team of fellow students to solve a case study posed to our group. We were able to delegate our work and utilize each other’s strengths to produce one of the greatest presentations I have ever been a part of. Throughout that project, we practiced data cleaning, feature research, data transformation, visualization, and analysis. All of this work was done in programming languages I had never used before under the guidance of our professors.

What did you find valuable about the M.S. program?

As mentioned, my summer practicum project was easily the most valuable experience for me thus far. Aside from that, we have excellent professors that support us throughout the year. They have engaging lectures, challenging assignments, and push us on levels I did not anticipate from any program. An example of their dedication would be the bi-monthly interviews that are conducted with the students. These interviews are essentially oral exams in which our professors test our knowledge regarding statistics and machine learning. These interviews help ensure that we truly understand the concepts we’re being taught and communicating them effectively.

Other Activities

The M.S. program also provides opportunities for extra-curricular activities such as the UNH Football project I’ve been a part of. Collectively, a team of students and myself worked together to web scrape and clean data for use in our “Key Stats of The Game” videos which are aired prior to every UNH home game. This project primarily focused on our abilities to use our programming languages to create the statistics we share in our videos.

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