Mengying Xu

Mengying Xu

Tell us about your backgroundWhy did you choose to pursue a career in analytics?  
I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with honors in 2013. The experience of English acquisition and multiple national speech contests I participated to that purpose taught me two things: the importance of logical expression and technique of justifying an argument, which helped me tremendously in communication and programming. I had three years’ professional consulting experience where my analytical ability was strongly cultivated. I always impressed the client with my critical thinking and the ability to capture the nature of a problem, however, I wanted to learn how to make the best of the data and information I gained from clients to help them to make better decisions. Therefore, I decided to go back to school and recharge myself for my future career.

What have you found valuable about the M.S. program thus far?
The program provides us with both academic learning and practical implementation. It emphasizes students learning and real-world problem solving with data that comes from industry partners. During my work on a practicum project for CA Technologies, I enjoyed teamwork very much and have benefited from the different perspectives of my teammates. I have learned that understanding and manipulating data before one gets into the model building step often takes more time, and it serves as the rudder for future problem solving. Also, understanding how a model behaves and the process of tuning different parameters are challenging and fascinating. The courses and projects have enhanced my abilities and prepared me for the real-world challenges.

Do you have any extracurricular activities you would like to tell us about?I enjoy outdoor activities and reading when I have free time. Some of my favorite writers are Charles Dickens, Milan Kundera, Alain de Botton. I also like reading infographics, where I gain not only visual pleasure but also the general idea of how different things work.

What are your professional goals? 
My professional goal is to become a consultant who helps clients to address their needs and concerns. I would like to get a data-related job with no constraints in industries, however, IT and healthcare industries interest me the most. I will prove that my passion and interests in data science drive me forward to be the best I can be, learning day by day from the team and the industry. After all, problem solving and learning is where my satisfaction comes from. 

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