Meseret Tekle

Meseret Tekle

My Background 

My name is Meseret Tekle, and I was born and raised in Ethiopia, where I completed my university education. I earned my Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Natural Resource Management in 2008 and Master of Science (MS) degree in Natural Resource Economics and Policy in 2013 at Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resource, Hawassa University, Ethiopia. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree at the University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire, and will be graduating in May, 2018. 

I had the privilege of working in various capacities with various nonprofit international development organizations, including the United Nations (UN) and The World Bank financed programs and Private Consulting firms. Throughout my working experience, I saw the importance as well as the growing influence of data analytics in many sectors, most importantly for Global Warming, environmental and development consultants. This inquisitiveness led me to enroll in a MS program in Analytics & Data Science at UNH. It is this line of work that I plan to do in the future. 

My Professional Goals 

My immediate goal will be to work as a skilled Data Scientist or Research Analyst. My long-term goal is to take a leading role in data manipulation and analysis in developing countries, where big data management and analysis is desperately needed.

An Analytics Project I Have Worked On 

I worked with a team to study: What Does Geography Tells Us About Starbucks?  Analysis was conducted based on county-level information.  In order to determine the dominant factors for Starbucks’ expansion, a number of variables were tested using a binary logit model.  We sought to analyze a direct competitor and a complementary competitor for Starbucks. There were many other projects using insurance claims data, BRFSS data from a 2016 survey, and others. 

What I Found Valuable about the M.S. Program Thus Far 

An aspect of the program that I found valuable is the ability to design one’s own course in an area of interest. This gave me the opportunity to apply what I have learned on something that interests me. This semester I designed my own course, which focused on creating a new course syllabus for the Analytics program related to Climate Change and Development Analytics, which gave me an opportunity to speak with various institutes in the university as well as with professors at Cornell University, George Washington University, Scientists at the USDA, Independent Evaluation Office at Global Environment Facility, Economists at The World Bank, and others.   

Most importantly, the program strengthened my skills in descriptive analytics. It also strengthened my skill in predictive analytics, NLP, machine learning techniques and application by using two program languages R and Python. Furthermore, the diversity of the people with whom I worked is part of the excitement, as it heightened my interests and encouraged me to share my passion for problem-solving through the science of analytics.  

My Extracurricular Activities 

I volunteer with the Smithsonian American Art, American Indian Museum(NIMA), and Climate reality project as a guest intake specialist and Analyst while providing climate change awareness training for the community. Furthermore, I enjoy playing chess, walking, and reading psychological and philosophical books in the park. 

To learn more about Meseret connect with her on LinkedIn.

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