Nathan Thorp

Nathan Thorp, NRESS Ph.D. student

Research Topic: Fungal Ecology

Previous Awards and Activities

Summer Research Fellowship, Villanova University, June, 2013

Selected Presentations and Publications

  • Master of Science, Villanova University, May 2014, Thesis: Mycorrhizal Network Nutrient Acquisition in Pristine Boreal Bogs
  • Presentation: CEMA meeting, Southern Illinois University, April, 2014, “The Role of the Mycorrhizal Network In Ombrotrophic Bogs”
  • Poster, AGU: Novel labeling technique illustrates transfer of 15N2 from Sphagnum moss to vascular plants via diazotrophic nitrogen fixation
  • Poster, Sigma Xi: Nitrogen Acquisition in Pristine Boreal Bogs:
  • The Role of the Mycorrhizal Network


  • M.S., Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania
  • B.A., The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado