Soumya Shetty

Soumya Shetty

Tell us about your background and some of the interesting things you've been working on and conferences you've attended.

I have 13 + years of experience in various industry from manufacturing to Information Technology. I have played different roles post my Engineering and Management studies like SAP programmer, Lean Six Sigma consultant, Project Management, Operations Lead and Analytics Manager. In the journey the most challenging job was the Analytics Manager where I had deal with Big Data and understanding and merging different data from various sources which came in different formats. I used to feel like loads of data was being dumped on me every day and nothing was making sense to me. So, in this journey I learnt that the most important aspect of any Data Analyst or Scientist is not model building but preparing the data for the models. It is very important to handle the data well and spend a lot of time on the data if we need a good model.

What have you found valuable about the program thus far?

There are a lot of things in the program which have been variable. Starting from the way our class has been formed with varied age, culture and background. It was such a dynamic class from which I learned something new everyday. And also I have been able to benefit from the different perspectives of each student looking at the same issues. We have one of the best Professors who not only provides us the academic requirement of the subject but also a practical implementation. The best thing about our lectures are it is always a discussion which flows among the class and we get 360-degree view of the concepts we have been taught. The program is very versatile by including various other professors from different departments like Computer science, Management, and Marketing to see the Data Analytics usage by different sectors. And also we get Industry speakers to tell what is happening currently in the professional realm regarding Data Analytics & Big Data and the required skills we need to hone to be ready for the market.

Have you attended any conferences?

I have attended Boston Big Data Festival where I met variety of speakers who are subject matter expertise and also industry practitioners. It provided a lot of knowledge on what direction the Big Data is going and also how it is helping different industry. I could see the usage in different formats where some of the industries were still in the niche state of starting Big Data and some who are way ahead in the game. The takeaway from the conference was “Big Data professionals are in demand in the market but we need to be master of many subjects and it is a continuous learning journey”.

Do you have any extracurricular activities you would like to tell us about?

Two things I love the most is painting and teaching kids. So I paint while I need to rebuild myself and I teach kids when I am happy. I am trained to teach visually impaired children. So I like spending a lot of time around them and teaching them.

What are your professional goals?

It is my dream to be a Chief Data Scientist.  As I data person I talk to data; so my perspective from my experience of working with different industries says that after the initial layer the data beneath speaks the same. So if we understand the working and the regularity process of any industry, the Data Scientist can work in any industry which is of interest to her.  I would love to work in any industry which has a lot of data. 

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