Alumni Dissertation Titles

NRESS alumnus Mark Anthony

"The NRESS program connected me with diverse faculty studying genetics, community ecology, and physical soil ecology. The staff, faculty and students involved in NRESS overwhelmingly support each other. I really benefited from the collaborative nature of my peers in NRESS, and I know this is a unique experience chatting with folks from other programs and universities."

—Mark Anthony, NRESS ’19G, Postdoctoral researcher, Crowther Lab, ETH Zürich

Alumni Year Degree Dissertation Title
Clarice Perryman 2022 EES Influence of Permafrost Thaw, Microtopography, and Precipitation on Methane Cycling in Northern Peatlands
Lauren C. Breza 2022 EES The Fate of Organic Nitrogen in Agroecosystems: Drivers and Outcomes
Heather Grybas 2022 NRES Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as a Tool For Investigating Edge Influences in New Hampshire Forests
Sarah Johnson Widlansky 2022 EES Climatic and Biotic Interactions in Terrestrial Systems During Ancient Warm Periods
Shan Zuidema 2022 EES Interventions Towards Sustainable Watershed Management as Demonstrated by Hydrologic Simulation
Jeffrey T. Malloy 2021 NRES Implementing Socially Just Climate Adaptation: A Case Study of Boston, Massachusetts
Natalie Lounsbury 2021 EES Cover crop-based no-till for small farms: tradeoffs of termination time, method, and ecosystem services
Benjamin Fraser 2021 NRES Characterizing Forest Stands Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Digital Photogrammetry: Advancements and Challenges in Monitoring Local Scale Forest Composition, Structure, and Health
Natallia Leuchanka Diessner 2021 NRES Un-Dam The River? Public Opinion and Engagement with Issues of Dam Removal in New England
Alexandra Evans 2021 EES

A Bird’s Eye View of Stream Ecology: Evaluating Stream Condition and Restoration Impacts Using Drones, Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry, and Machine Learning Methods

Adele Fenwick 2021 NRES Fire Regimes and Red Pine Stand Development in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
Andrew Robison 2021 EES

Carbon Emissions From Streams and Rivers: Integrating Methane Emission Pathways and Storm Carbon Dioxide Emissions Into Stream and River Carbon Balances

Kiley Remiszewski 2020 EES Nutrient Cycling Along Microbial and Lithologic Gradients and Fostering Student Self-Confidence in Science
Katherine Ineson 2020 NRES Demography of a Recovery: Tracking the Rebound of Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) Populations
Sophia Burke 2020 EES

Investigating the Spatial and Temporal Scale Variability of Ebullitive Flux from a Subarctic Thaw Pond System

Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona 2020 EES

Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Fluvial Systems across Biomes

Pamela Moyer 2020 EES

Understanding Earthquake Rupture Processes: Insights from Mid-ocean Ridge Transform Faults and Submarine Volcanoes

Alyson Eberhardt 2019 EES Evaluation of New England Salt Marsh Support of the American Eel, Anguilla Rostrata, and the Impacts of Hydrologic Restriction
Mashkoor Malik 2019 EES Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty of Seafloor Acoustic Backscatter
Ashley Norton 2019 EES Acoustic Methods for Mapping and Characterizing Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Using a Multibeam Echosounder
Lindsey Williams 2019 NRES

Coastal Conflicts and Cross-Sectoral Engagement: Learning from Disputes Over Science in Coastal and Ocean Systems

Olivia Bartlett Fraser 2019 EES Long-Term Forest Growth and Decadal Soil Chemistry Change Across the White Mountain National Forest
Robert Colter 2019 NRES Advancing the Terrestrial Ecological Unit Inventory Within the White Mountain National Forest Using Lidar
Mary Jensen 2019 NRES Dish It Up! The Influence of Kind Dining & Green House Model Food and Food Service Innovations on the Resident Experience in Residential Care Facilities
Andrea Jilling 2019 EES Assessing the Agronomic and Ecological Relevance of Mineral-Associated Organic Matter
Brooks Kohli 2019 EES Mammals on Mountainsides Revisited: Analyzing Multiple Dimensions of Diversity to Gain New Insight on Community Assembly and Biogeography
Mark Anthony 2019 EES Fungal Community and Soil Responses to Invasive Alliaria Petiolata (Garlic Mustard), Soil Warming, and Nitrogen Deposition
Rory Carroll 2019 EES Direct and Indirect Effects of Anthropogenic Land Use on Bobcats (Lynx rufus) in New England
Jose Gutierrez-Lopez 2019 NRES Ecohydrology of Aspen and Eucalyptus Plantations: Considerations for Management
Kamini Yadav 2019 NRES Accuracies, Errors, and Uncertainties of Global  Cropland Products
Allison Leach 2018 NRES Addressing the Nitrogen Challenge: Footprint Tools and On-Farm Solutions
Katherine Sinacore 2018 NRES Variation in Plant Water Use, Growth, and Water-Use Efficiency of Planted Mixtures and Monocultures: Toward Proper Species Selection for Reforestation Efforts in the Seasonally Dry Tropics
Ryan Stephens 2018 NRES Small Mammal Community Dynamics and the Dispersal of Mycorrhizal Fungi
Abigail Carroll 2018 EES

Ecosystems, Communities, and Species: Understanding Mammalian Response to Ancient Carbon Cycle Perturbations

Cameron McIntire 2018 NRES Impacts and Management of Foliar Pathogens of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) in the Northeastern United States
Rosa Affleck 2017 NRES

Infrastructure Impact for Human Safety and Resilience: A Case Study

Richard Brereton 2017 EES

Nitrogen Dynamics and Retention in the River Network of a Tropical Forest, Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico

Ryan Cassotto 2017 EES Unraveling  Short-Term Variations in Tidewater Glacier Flow: Insights from Terrestrial Radar Interferometric Studies
Lauren Koenig 2017 EES

Hydrological and Biogeochemical Controls on Carbon and Nitrogen Export from River Networks

Eric Morrison 2017 EES Fungi as Drivers of Ecosystem Response to Global Change
Andrew Ouimette 2017 NRES Patterns and Drivers of Carbon Fluxes in Temperate Forests
Lesley Atwood 2017 EES

Effects of Agricultural Practices on Soil Communities and Their Associated  Ecosystem Services

Matthew Tarr 2017 NRES Effects of Alien Shrubs on Caterpillars and Shrubland-Dependent Passerines within Three Transmission Line Rights-Of-Way in Southeastern New Hampshire
Kimberly Aviado 2017 EES Magma Genesis Beneath Active Continental Rifts
Jennifer Wilhelm 2017 NRES Exploring the Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Agricultural Expansion in New Hampshire
Stephen Eayrs 2016 NRES Organizational Change Management in Fisheries: Critical Evaluation and Potential to Facilitate the Sustainable Development of the New England Groundfish Industry
Danielle Grogan 2016 EES Global and Regional Assessments of Unsustainable Groundwater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
Neil Kessler 2016 NRES Ontology of Close Human-Nature Relationships
Matthew MacDowell Smith 2016 NRES Creating an Economically Viable, Closed-System, Energy-Independent Dairy Farm Through the On-Farm Production of Animal Bedding and Heat Capture from an Aerated Static Pile Heat Recovery Composting Operation
Rachel Feeney 2015 NRES Catch Share Management in the Northeast Multispecies Fishery: Implications for the Commercial Groundfish Fishery in New Hampshire
James Houle 2015 NRES Community Decisions About Innovations in Water Resource Management and Protection
Ian Honsberger 2015 EES Metamorphism, Deformation, Geochemistry, and Tectonics of Exhumed Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks in the Central and North-Central Vermont Appalachians
Cynthia Kallenbach 2015 EES Microbial Influences on Decomposition and Soil Organic Matter Formation in Agricultural Soils
Dovev Levine 2015 NRES Beyond Campus Borders: How External Environments Impact College and University-Based Renewable Energy Activity
Jennifer Walsh 2015 NRES Hybrid Zone Dynamics Between Saltmarsh (Ammodramus caudacutus) and Nelson's (Ammodramus nelson) Sparrows
Jay Clausen 2015 EES Sampling of Soils with Metallic Residues Collected from Military Small-Arms Ranges
Dorn Cox 2015 NRES A Physiocratic Systems Framework for Open Source Agricultural Research and Development
Justin Fisk 2015 EES Net Effects of Disturbance: Spatial, Temporal, and Societal Dimensions of Forest Disturbance and Recovery on Terrestrial Carbon Balance
Joseph Orefice 2015 NRES Silvopasture in the Northeastern United States
Nathaniel Morse 2014 EES Quantifying the Impact of Urbanization on N and P Inputs, Transformations, Removal and Fluxes in Watersheds Draining to the Plum Island Estuary
Jeffrey Rogers 2014 EES Full_Waveform and Discrete-Return Lidar in Salt Marsh Environments: An Assessment of Biophysical Parameters, Vertical Uncertainty, and Nonparametric DEM Correction
Jessica Veysey 2014 NRES Conserving Wetlands for Humans and Amphibians: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Social and Ecological Effectiveness of New England's Wetland Policies
Timothy Algeo 2014 NRES Assessing Raccoon (Procyon Lotor) Habitat Use and Predicting Potential Corridors for Rabies Spread with Maximum Entropy and Circuit Theory Modeling
Sarah Andrews 2014 EES Relationships between Structure and Function: System Structure Matters Whether You are in a Wetland or a College Classroom
Chelsea Corr 2014 EES The Analysis of In Situ and Retrieved Aerosol Properties Measured During Three Airborne Field Campaigns
Debora Figueroa-Nieves 2014 EES Impacts of Treated Sewage Effluents on Stream Ecology in Puerto Rico
Maria Hunter 2014 EES Carbon Stocks and Cycling in the Amazon Basin: Measurement and Modeling of Natural Disturbance and Recovery Using Airborne Lidar
Claire Treat 2014 EES

Effects of Climate Change on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Permafrost Soils of Alaska

Eric Kelsey 2014 EES Towards Understanding North Pacific Climate Variability with Instrumental and Ice Core Records
Laura Nagy 2014 NRES Vernon Bailey and Wolf Extermination: Economy, Ecology and Progressive Era Policy
Robert Swarthout 2014 EES Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Unconventional Natural Gas Production: Source Signatures and Air Quality Impacts
Elizabeth Burakowski 2013 EES Winter Climate Impacts of Historical Deforestation in New England
Martha Carlson 2013 NRES Monitoring The Health of Sugar Maple, Acer Saccharum
Thomas Cawthern 2013 EES:Geology Reconstructing the Late Miocene to Recent Volcanic, Geologic, and Oceanographic Evolution in the Andaman Sea and Northern Bay of Bengal, Northeast Indian Ocean
Stephanie Coster 2013 NRES Landscape Genetics of Pond-Breeding Amphibians in a Managed Forest
Emily Klein 2013 NRES Change in Nonlinear Dynamics and Spatial Structure of Coastal Socio-Ecological Systems: Bay of Fundy as Case Study
Alesia Read 2013 NRES Understanding the Role of Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations Within the Federal Fishery Management Council Process
Yvette Garner 2013 NRES The Effects of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Byssogenesis, Growth and Movement Patterns of the Blue Mussel, Mytilus Edulis
M. Susana Alvarado-Barrientos 2013 EES Plant Water Use and Canopy-Fog Interactions across a Land Use Change Trajectory of Pine Reforestation in a Tropical Montate Cloud Belt
Heather Ballestero 2013 NRES Bacterial Biodegradation of Soluble Crude Oil Hydrocarbons and the Influence of Protists in Simulated Arctic Seawater and Sea Ice
Patricia Jarema 2013 NRES The Role of Social Capital in Understanding Ecosystem Resilience with Application of Spatial Extensions
Matthew Vadeboncoeur 2013 EES Mechanisms of Nutrient Limitation and Nutrient Acquisition in Managed and Unmanaged Forest Ecosystems
Meghan MacLean 2012 NRES

A Multi-Temporal Image Analysis of Habitat Modification in the Coastal Watershed, NH

Kalle Matso 2012 NRES

Producing Science that Actually Gets Used by Coastal Communities: What Funders Should Do to Link More Science with Decisions

Shelley F. Mitchell 2012 NRES An Empirical Investigation: How Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises Use Innovation on the Path Toward Ecological Sustainability
Shivanesh Rao 2012 EES:

Interaction Between the Coastal Ocean and the Estuarine Systems

Giacomo Chato Osio 2012 NRES The Historical Fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea: A Reconstruction of Trawl Gear, Effort and Trends in Demersal Fish Stocks
John R. Coon 2012 NRES Can We Get There From Here? Ecosystem Based Governance in the Bay of Fundy/Gulf of Maine Region
Daniel Hocking 2012 NRES The Role of Red-backed Salamanders in Ecosystems
Amanda Plagge 2012 EES Observational Studies of Scatterometer Ocean Vector Winds in the Presence of Dynamic Air-Sea Interactions
Melissa Smith Lombard 2012 EES Trace Metal Applications in Atmospheric and Watershed Dynamics: Case Studies of Mercury Deposition in New England and Bedrock Groundwater - Surface Water Mixing
Philip Nuss 2012 EES Comparative Systems Analysis of Thermochemical and Biochemical Recycling of Organic Waste Towards Industrial Feedstocks
Lina Saavedra-Diaz 2012 NRES Towards Colombian Small-Scale Marine Fisheries Management
Hacia un Manejo de la Pesca Marina Artesanal en Columbia
Robert Vincent 2012 EES Ecological Effects of Ditching and Ditch-Plugging in New England Salt Marshes
Shannon R. Davis 2011 EES Marine Atmospheric Influences on Trace Gas Observations and Transport during the ICARTT 2004 Campaign
Fernando Espirito-Santo 2011 EES Detection of Mortality in Tropical Forests Using Remote Sensing: From Treefall Gaps to Large Disturbances
Brad Johnson 2011 NRES Assessing Social-Ecological Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in the Face of Climate Change: An Examination of Three Communities in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
Tzu-Ling Lai 2011 EES Occurrence of Major Ozone Episodes and Their Time-Series Trends over the Past Decade in New England
Deborah Goodwin 2011 EES: Oceanography Satellite-Derived Fluorescence Quantum Yields as Indicators of Phytoplankton Photophysiology
Alyssa B. Novak 2011 EES: Oceanography Unraveling the Mystery of Leaf Reddening in Seagrasses
Shannon H. Rogers 2011 NRES Examining the Relationship between Social Capital and the Built Environment: A Case Study in Measuring Community Sustainability
Fabienne Lord 2011 NRES An Exploratory Approach to Social Impact Assessment of Public Policy Decisions: Multiple Stakeholders Perspectives on the Social Impact of Overfishing in New England Groundfisheries in the 1990s
Cynthia Carlson 2011 EES Efficiency of the Built Environment: Interdependencies in Transportation, Development Form and Public Health
Alexandra Contosta 2011 EES Seasonal, Biogeochemical, and Microbial Response of Soils to Simultaneous
Warming and Nitrogen Additions
Su Youn Kim 2010 EES Continental Outflow of Polluted Air from the U.S. to the North Atlantic and
Mercury Chemical Cycling in Various Atmospheric Environments
Lucigleide Nascimento 2010 NRES The Long Journey to Become the 'River of National Unity': The Sao Francisco
River Basin from 1940s to 2008 and the Interactions of Environment, Government
and Local Citizens
Elena Traister 2010 NRES Effects of Physical and Chemical Disturbance on Stream Ecosystem Structure
and Function
Jamie Marie Cournane 2010 NRES Spatial Management of Groundfish Resources in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
Mary A. Friedman 2010 NRES Social Science and Social Capital in the Lamprey River Watershed: A Resident Survey for Community and Environmental Planning and Predicting Support for Innovative Land Use
Arthur G. Powers 2010 NRES An Initial Evaluation of Market-Based Land Reform in Brazil: Can it Create Sustainable Communities?
Peter Sean Tardie 2010 NRES Land Development in Massachusetts: Its Effect on the Environment Within Essex and Middlesex Counties from 1990 to 2007
Irina Trubetskova 2010 NRES From Biosphere to Noosphere: Vladimir Vernadsky's Theoretical System as a Conceptual Framework for Universal Sustainability Education
Erika L. Washburn 2009 NRES To Pave Or Not To Pave: A Social Landscape Analysis of Land Use Decision-Making in the Lamprey River Watershed
Luke Ziemba 2009 EES Ambient Measurements of Chemical and Physical Properties of Organic Aerosols: Insights into Formation, Growth, and Heterogeneous Chemistry
Verna DeLauer 2009 NRES The Mental Demands of Marine Ecosystem-Based Management: A Constructive Developmental Lens
Mary Hopkins 2009 NRES A Wild Web: The Tangled History of Attitudes Toward Wildlife in a Dynamic New England Culture, 1945-1985
Rachel Russo 2009 EES Temporal Variation, Regional Sources, and Removal Processes of Volatile Organic Compounds in New England
Jennifer Hegarty 2009 EES Synoptic Controls on Ozone Over the Northeastern U.S. and Continental Export
Charles French 2008 NRES

The Social Production of Community Garden Space: Case Studies of Boston, Massachusetts and Havana, Cuba

Erika Zollett 2008 NRES Conserving Dolphins and Fishermen: Combining Science and Local Knowledge to Reduce Cetacean Bycatch
William Strauss 2008 EES The Fallacy of Endless Growth Exposing Capitalism's Insustainability
Xuyi Cai 2008 EES Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation of Relevance to the Marine Boundary Layer
Marguerite White 2008 EES Sources and Sinks of Selected Trace Gases in the Tropospheric Boundary Layer of the Eastern United States
Stefan Claesson 2008 NRES Sustainable Development Of Maritime Cultural Heritage In The Gulf Of Maine
John Alexander Lough 2008 NRES Stratified-Drift Aquifers in New Hampshire with Potential to Serve as Future, Large Public Water-Supplies: Status, Circa 200; Projected Losses, Circa 2025; and Data Accuracy
Clayton Mitchell 2008 NRES The Local Land Use Process in New Hampshire: Does it Contribute to Sprawl?
Caroline Ochieng 2008 NRES Survival Strategies of Eelgrass in Reduced Light
Garrett Barr 2007 NRES The Roles of Brook Trout and Larval Two-lined Salamanders as Predators in Streams
Jianjun Chen 2007 EES Modeling Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Biogenic Hydrocarbon
William Fleeger 2007 NRES Standing Closer to the Flame: Community Wildfire Protection Planning and the Healthy Forest Restoration Act
Difei Zhang 2007 NRES A Spatial Equilibrium Model of Northern New England and Southern Quebec in Forest Products and Wood Flow
Jeffrey Gaeckle 2006 NR Eelgrass(Zostera marina L.) Leaf Growth and Restoration Ecology
Michael Rawlins 2006 EES Toward an Improved Understanding of Pan-Arctic Terrestrial Hydrology
Michael Palace 2006 EES Tropical Forest Structure: Ground Measurements of Coarse Woody Debris and Satellite Observations of Crown Structure
Stephen Hagen 2006 EES Linking multivariate observations of the land surface to vegetation properties and ecosystem processes
Brian Frappier 2006 NRES Stream Community Patterns and Classification of Minimally Impacted New Hampshire Streams and a Comparison of Novel Approaches for Predicting Biological and Physical Habitat Reference Conditions
Amy Frappier 2006 EES Recent Extreme Events in a Tropical Stalagmite: Multiproxy Records and an Analysis of Ecosystem Carbon 13 Isotope Sensitivity to Weak Climate Forcing
Jeanne Anderson 2006 EES Remote Detection of Forest Structure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: An Integration of Waveform Lidar and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
Yong Zhou 2006 EES Atmospheric volatile organic compound measurements:Distributions and effects on air quality in coastal marine, rural and remote continental environments
John Iiames 2006 NRES Assessing the Accuracy of the Modis LAI 1-KM Product in Southeastern United States Loblolly Pine Plantations: Accounting for Measurement Variance from Ground to Satellite
Penelope Morrow 2006 NR Toward Ecocitizenship: A Praxis for Empowerment
Qingyuan Zhang 2006 NRES Improving Estimation of Gross Primary Productivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems
Emily LaFiandra 2006 NRES Gonadal Histology and Reproductive Steriodogenesis of Anurans Exposed to Potential Endocrine Disrupting Contaminants
David Howland 2006 NRES Good Press, Bad Press: A 25-year Comparison of Arguments and Trends in American News Coverage of Climate Change and the Ozone Hole
Maya Bhatt 2005 NRES Evolution of Chemical Composition Along River Drainage Networks
Evilene Lopes Bowley 2005 NRES Woody Tissue Carbon Dioxide Flux Measurements
Kaplan Yalcin 2005 EES A Glaciochemical Record of Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Change form Eclipse Icefield, Yukon Territory, Canada
Nancy Miaoulis 2005 NRES The Ecological Christ: Discovering an Ecological Consciousness in the Sermon on the Mount
Katharine York 2005 NR An Examination of Students' Attitudes Toward the Environment as Shaped by the Phenomenon of Dissection
Mark Brennan 2005 NR Spatial Distribution Analysis of Colonization and Nest Site Characteristics of the Common Loon in New Hampshire
Brian Pellerin 2004 NRES Influence of Land Use on Water and Nutrient Fluxes in the Ipswich Watershed, Massachusetts
Jennifer Pontius 2004 EES Using NIR Spectroscopy and Foliar Chemistry to Assess Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Success and Hemlock Decline
Manoel Carduso 2004 EES Large-Scale Fire Dynamics in Amazonia
Julie Newman 2004 NRES Reaching Beyond Compliance: Obstacles to Integrating Sustainability into Decision-Making Processes in an Institution of Higher Learning
Lynda Bruschett 2004 NRES Examining the Role of Social Capital in Community Development: How the Creation of a Land Trust Set a Small Town on the Path to Sustainability
Gabriel Fabian Bautista 2003 NRES Intimacy with the Natural World: A Humanistic Perspective
Joseph Salisbury 2003 EES: Oceanography Classification of Coastal Waters Using Satellite and Fluvial Discharge Data: Moving Towards a Better Understanding of Terrigenous Constituent Dynamics in Coastal Waters
Raymond Konisky 2003 EES Restoring Our New England Saltmarshes:Modeling and Visualizing Habitat Response to Hydrologic Restoration
Melinda Salazar 2002 NRES Implementation and Evaluation of A Gender Equity Project in Bolivia