Andrew L. Robison, PhD

"The interdisciplinary nature of NRESS was an attractive feature of this PhD program from my first interest, and my experiences during my PhD only proved this to be true. I was afforded the flexibility and resources to explore my field from multiple angles, all the while being part of a supportive and dynamic community."

- Andrew L. Robison, NRESS '21G, Post-doctoral researcher, Stream Biofilm and Ecosystem Research Laboratory, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland

Alexandra Evans, PhD

"The NRESS PhD program gave me the opportunity to explore and connect different fields of research in unique ways compared to a typical PhD program. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to push myself and learn what it takes to conduct interdisciplinary research - gaining valuable skills and knowledge that will serve me well for whichever career path I travel. The supportive and friendly environment NRESS cultivates was much appreciated and enjoyed while working through the program!"
     - Alexandra Evans, NRESS '20G, Postdoctoral Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution & USGS

Katherine Ineson, PhD

"Being a part of the NRESS PhD program helped shape my graduate experience by providing a wonderful, supportive community of students and faculty with diverse interests and research. The interdisciplinary nature of NRESS improved my research and taught me about a range of other disciplines that I probably wouldn’t have encountered in another graduate program. The NRESS staff always make you feel welcome and supported from day one all the way through to graduation."

- Katherine Ineson, NRESS '20G

Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona

"My time in the NRESS program was very enriching as I was able to develop as a scientist and take my research far beyond that I had imagined when I began. I was able to to collaborate and conduct research in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Russia, and France. At the same time I fostered connections with my fellow NRESS peers which made the experience that much more gratifying to be a part of."

- Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, NRESS '20G, Postdoctoral Fellow, Département des Sciences Biologiques at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Kiley Remiszewski, PhD

"I really appreciated my time in the NRESS program. There was a strong sense of community and support (ex. coffee & donuts, student lunches hosted around topics of jobs/comprehensive exams, etc.) for grad students which is so important for a successful grad experience. The interdisciplinary aspect of NRESS is also so unique and important, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without my advisor and the NRESS program's support of my interdisciplinary research."

            - Kiley Remiszewski, NRESS '20G, Science Teacher, Concord Academy, Concord, MA

Pamela Moyer, PhD

"I really appreciated the flexibility of the NRESS program.  I could build a committee of UNH faculty and outside scientists that allowed me to work closely with experts in my field, as well as adjust my timeline to successfully complete my program.  NRESS also offered me opportunities for tuition and travel support, which helped me focus on my research when funding was limited and stay active in the international scientific community."

            - Pamela Moyer, NRESS '20G, Postdoctoral Adjunct Researcher, UNH Earth Sciences Dept.

Mary Jensen


"My experience in the NRESS PhD program was exceptional. Faculty and staff were supportive and helpful. I especially appreciated that the program strongly encourages interdisciplinary study and offers pathways for success across disciplines."

Mary Jensen, NRESS '19G, Project Manager, The Jonathan Daniels Center for Social Responsibility, Keene, NH

Brooks Kohli

"I had a great experience with NRESS. The professional and intellectual environment was stimulating and the welcoming and collegial atmosphere among a diverse group of people (at all levels) made it a great place to be!"

Brooks Kohli, NRESS ‘19G, Postdoctoral Researcher, Jarzyna Lab, Ohio State University

Lindsey Williams

"When I was looking for a doctoral program, I had several criteria I was considering, largely centered around a desire for faculty with a commitment to applied research, flexibility in program of study, and ability to network with scholars and practitioners in my field. I chose NRESS for a combination of reasons including the access to faculty in the newly formed Carsey School of Public Policy and the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, as well as the NRESS alumni network with a strong showing in ocean and coastal research, policy, and management.  NRESS provided me with the framework to explore coursework, research, and network development on topics directly relevant to my interests and to build my knowledge across disciplines which will be essential to my interests in applied research and practice addressing the challenges of coastal and ocean resource management."
Lindsey Williams, NRESS '19G, Instructor, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, UNH

Ashley Norton

"The NRESS program was the perfect fit for my research interests in that my interests crossed the disciplines of mapping technology, ecology and environmental policy. My experiences interacting with my interdisciplinary committee and colleagues from diverse backgrounds has translated well into my work as a government scientist where I am often communicating across disciplines and levels of knowledge about scientific topics."

Ashley Norton, NRESS '19G, Lead Coastal Scientist, DNREC, Watershed Stewardship
Division, Shoreline & Waterway Management Section, Milton, Delaware

Rory Carroll

"I think the best part of the NRESS program is the wide breadth of disciplines in each cohort. It's easy in a graduate program to get so deep into your own study that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Getting to talk and work with foresters and geologists and social scientists and agroecologists on a daily basis really helped me keep an important perspective on my own work as a wildlife biologist. Throughout my time in NRESS, I had many discussions about ideas I probably wouldn't have been exposed to if I was in a purely wildlife-focused program. Those discussions were invaluable because they allowed me to look at my research in a unique light, and also helped me connect my work to a broader conservation community."

Rory Carroll, NRESS ‘19G, Assistant Professor of Biology ,Southern Arkansas University

Sophia Burke, PhD

"One of my favorite parts of my NRESS experience was the community I found within the NRESS Student Network. I made many friends through the group and really appreciated the events the group put on throughout the semester. I also appreciated the leadership skills I gained through my experience as a NRESS Student Network Coordinator. Wherever I find myself working in the future, I'm going to make sure there is a Friday Coffee & Donuts event and if there isn't I'll start one!"

- Sophia Burke, NRESS '20G, Adjunct Faculty, Natural Resources & the Environment, University of New Hampshire

Mark Anthony, PhD

"The NRESS program connected me with diverse faculty studying genetics, community ecology, and physical soil ecology. The staff, faculty, and students involved in NRESS overwhelmingly support each other. I really benefited from the collaborative nature of my peers in NRESS, and I know this is a unique experience chatting with folks from other programs and universities."

Mark Anthony, NRESS '19G, Postdoctoral Researcher, Crowther Lab att ETH Zürich

Robert Colter

"My experience with the program was a very positive experience.  I am a non-traditional student and the program provided me the flexibility and the time needed to work full time and still be able to complete the degree."

Robert Colter, NRESS ‘19G, Forest Soil Scientist and Ecologist, White Mountain National Forest, Campton, NH

Michael Rawlins

"The NRESS program was a natural fit given my broad interests in hydrology, atmospheric science, and biogechemistry. My advisors encouraged me to think creatively and tackle challenging problems that required an interdisciplinary approach and the depth and breadth afforded by the program’s flexible degree requirements. My research experiences fostered my ability to engage with colleagues and contribute effectively to advances in our understanding of Arctic hydrology and climate change, and to help shape future research priorities."

MIchael Rawlins, NRESS '06G, Extension Associate Professor, Geosciences, UMASS-Amherst and Associate Director, Climate System Research Center

Danielle Grogan

"Interdisciplinary research was an important part of my graduate work, and it was one of the key reasons I chose to study at UNH.  My advisors supported and encouraged my interest in branching out from the earth sciences to work with biologists, economists, and engineers.   Of all the skills I gained during my PhD, I expect that the ability to reach across disciplines will be one of the most valuable as I move forward in my science career.”

Danielle Grogan, NRESS '16G, Research Scientist, Earth Systems Research Center, UNH

Nathaniel Morse, NRESS '14G

"The interdisciplinary training I received from the NRESS program transcends the environmental sciences. I use the complex problem solving, writing, and presentation skills, which I practiced and honed during my time in the program, to address complicated, diverse legal problems on a daily basis."

Nathaniel Morse, NRESS '14G, Attorney at Orr & Reno, Concord, New Hampshire


Stephen Eayrs, NRESS '16G

"Having worked in fisheries research around the world for over 30 years it was important to obtain my degree from a world renowned university. The NRESS program ideally suited my needs and challenged me to be a better researcher; it offers access to world class staff, facilities, and support networks, and is sufficiently flexible that I could remain fully employed while studying part time. The NRESS program has significantly broadened my knowledge and extended my research into new and exciting directions."

Stephen Eayrs, NRESS '16G, Director at Smart Fishing Consulting, Brisbane, Australia