Danielle Grogan

"Interdisciplinary research was an important part of my graduate work, and it was one of the key reasons I chose to study at UNH.  My advisors supported and encouraged my interest in branching out from the earth sciences to work with biologists, economists, and engineers.   Of all the skills I gained during my PhD, I expect that the ability to reach across disciplines will be one of the most valuable as I move forward in my science career.”

Danielle Grogan, NRESS '16G

Nathaniel Morse, NRESS '14G

"The interdisciplinary training I received from the NRESS program transcends the environmental sciences. I use the complex problem solving, writing, and presentation skills, which I practiced and honed during my time in the program, to address complicated, diverse legal problems on a daily basis."

Nathaniel Morse, NRESS '14G, Attorney at Orr & Reno, Concord, New Hampshire

Stephen Eayrs, NRESS '16G

"Having worked in fisheries research around the world for over 30 years it was important to obtain my degree from a world renowned university. The NRESS program ideally suited my needs and challenged me to be a better researcher; it offers access to world class staff, facilities, and support networks, and is sufficiently flexible that I could remain fully employed while studying part time. The NRESS program has significantly broadened my knowledge and extended my research into new and exciting directions."

Stephen Eayrs, NRESS '16G