Current Students Research

Students currently enrolled in the NRESS Ph.D. program number 57, making NRESS one of the largest Ph.D. programs at UNH.  Students are in varying stages of their doctoral studies, from first year to late candidacy, and the degree path (NRES or EES) is also noted below for each student.  Some student listings are linked to profile pages, which include a description of the research, awards, presentations and publications, and other related links.  Meet and explore NRESS students and their research!

NRESS Ph.D. student Bianca Cardona

Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, NRESS Ph.D. candidate.


Student Name Degree Advisor Research Topic * indicates at candidacy
Breanne Aflague
NRES Jeffrey Garnas The Effect of EAB Density and Tree Stress on  Parasitism Rates of the Biocontrol Wasp Tetrastichus planipennisi
Isaac Ativor
EES Richard Smith Strategies for Cropping System Diversification and the Effects of Crop Diversity on Agroecosystem Services and Pest Population Dynamics
Melissa Bauer
NRES Adrienne Kovach

Spatially Explicit Genetic Capture-Recapture Density Estimation and Population Modeling to Guide New England Cottontail Restoration

Amanda Beal*
NRES John Carroll Natural Resource Considerations in Food Production
Lauren Breza*
NRES Stuart Grandy Plant-Microbe-Soil Interactions and How These Interactions Mediate Nitrogen Cycling in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Sophia Burke*
EES Ruth Varner Methane (CH4) Flux Dynamics in Subarctic Peatland Thaw Ponds Using Field and Remote Sensing Techniques
Jonathan Clark
EES Adrienne Kovach

Parallel Evolution of Tidal Marsh Sparrows

Melissa Clark
EES Michael Palace Model Landscape Permeability
Amanda Daly*
EES Stuart Grandy Soil Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry in Sustainable Agriculture
Natallia Leuchanka Diessner*

Kevin Gardner/ 
Lawrence Hamilton

Advancing Sustainability Science: A Focus on Dammed Social-Ecological Landscapes in New England
Alexandra Evans*
EES Kevin Gardner

Improving Stream Restoration: Developing Methods to Evaluate the Ecological Condition of Streams Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and Close-Range Remote Sensing Techniques

Maria Florencia Fahenstock*
EES Julie Bryce/Ruth Varner Impacts of Climate Change on Mercury Cycling in Wetland and Arctic Ecosystems
Jennifer Felt
NRES Semra Aytur Ocean and Coastal Policy Development and Implementation
Adele Maria Fenwick*
NRES Mark Ducey Fire History and Stand Age Structure of Red Pine Natural Communities in New England
Benjamin Fraser
NRES Russell Congalton Forest Health Modelling and Reference Data Colletion Using Aerial Systems (UAS) and Geospatial Analysis
Kelly Giraud
NRES Thomas Lee The Fostering of Biological Diversity at Local Scales in Residential Settings
Heather Grybas*
NRES Russell Congalton

UAS and LiDAR Mapping of Forest Edge Habitat in New Hampshire

Allison Herreid
NRES William McDowell Biogeochemical Dynamics in Freshwater Ecosystems
Christopher Hunt*
EES Joseph E. Salisbury

Transfers of Carbon and Alkalinity from Terrestrial and Estuarine Sources to the Coastal Ocean

Katherine Ineson*

Rebecca Rowe/
Jeffrey Foster

Population Dynamics of Bat Species Impacted by White-nose Syndrome in the Northeastern United States
Caroline Kanaskie
EES Jeffrey Garnas Community Ecology in the Expanding Range of Southern Pine Beetle
Natalie Kashi*
EES Erik Hobbie  Peatland Ecology; Wetland Ecosystem Ecology; Nutrient Cycling
Dylan Kelly
NRES Meghan Howey Historical Landscape Reconstruction Using Archaeological, Ecological and Geospatial Methods to Model the Impacts of Early 17th Century Lumber Mills on the Ecosystem of the Great Bay Estuary Through Time
Jawad Khan
NREN Shadi Atallah Separate the Effects of Pesticides of Different Companies and Quantify the Pollinator Behavior using Maching Learning (ML)
Emily Kyker-Snowman*
EES Stuart Grandy Modeling Soil Microbial Carbon Use Dynamics on Local and Global Scales
Natalie Lounsbury*
EES Richard Smith Investigating the Practical, Agroecological, and Socio-economic Aspects of Using Tarps to Facilitate No-till Vegetable Production with High-residue Cover Crops
Jeffrey Malloy*
NRES Catherine Ashcraft

The Role of Social Justice and Equity in Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Implementation

Tamara Marcus
EES Ruth Varner   Measuring Methane Emissions from Permafrost Thaw in Northern Sweden and the Himalaya
David Moore
NRES Heidi Asbjornsen Syrup Production

Pamela Moyer*

EES Margaret Boettcher Understanding Earthquake Rupture Processes: Insights from Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults, Submarine Volcanoes, and Deep South African Gold Mines
Thomas Muratore
NREN Serita Frey Global Change Ecology of Plant and Microbial Systems
Jennifer Ort
EES Meghan Howey Continue Work on Bull Brook Sites in Tandem with Investigating Local and Regional Late Pleistocene Environments

Samuel Palmer

NRES Richard Smith  
Clarice Perryman
EES Ruth Varner Peatland/Wetland Methane Dynamics
Kiley Remiszewski*
EES Julie Bryce

The Impact of Mycorrhizal Fungi on Mineral Weathering

Mingcheng Ren*
EES Weiwei Mo Modeling and Simulation of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Systems
Andrew Robison*
EES Wilfred Wollheim Carbon Dynamics in River Networks
Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona*
EES William McDowell Carbon and Nitrogen Coupling in Streams Across Biomes
Michael Routhier
EES Gregg Moore Ecological Research , the Use of GSS technologies, and a Link to Education and Outreach
Sean Schaefer
EES Jessica Ernakovich

Microbial Ecology in Arctic Ecosystems with an Emphasis on Gene Expression to Predict Functional Community Changes as Result of a Changing Climate

Meaghan Shaw
NRES William McDowell Fate and Transport of Dissolved Metals in Pristine and Anthropogenically-influenced River Systems
Michael Simmons*
EES Thomas Lee Factors and Interactions Associated with Decline of Red Pine Forests in New England
Jess Steketee
NRES Rebecca Rowe

Population Ecology of Arctic Rodents

Nathan Thorp*
EES Erik Hobbie Fungal Ecology, Mycorrhizal Symbiosis, Nutrient Acquisition, Stable Isotopes
Yusi Turell*
NRES Michael Swack

Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy Change

Nicholas Warren
EES Richard Smith The Relationship Between Community Functioning and the Associated Ecosystem Processes
Emily Whalen
EES Serita Frey Global Change Effects on Soil Microbial Communities and Carbon Storage
Penelope Whitman
NRES Thomas Safford Community and Econom ic Development
Christopher Whitney*
EES Wilfred Wollheim The Role of Beaver Ponds and Fluvial Wetlands in Aquatic Nitrogen Removal from Headwaters to River Network-scale
Sarah Widlansky*
EES William Clyde Understanding Climatic and Biotic Interactions in Terrestrial Systems During Ancient Warm Periods
Andrew Wiegardt
NREN Adrienne Kovach Investigate Genome-phenome Relationships in the Wild
Michal Zahorik
NRES Catherine Ashcraft Resilient Communities: The Role of Land-Use Planning and Conservation in Flood Risk Management
Samuel Zuckerman
NRES Heidi Asbjornsen Tree Physiological Responses to Drought
Shantar Zuidema*
EES J. Matthew Davis Use of Stable Isotopes and Distributed Hydrologic Modeling to Investigate Ground Water/Surface Water Interactions in the Face of a Changing Climate