Student Network

NRESS coffee and doughnuts group


The NRESS Student Network seeks to foster community across the highly interdisciplinary NRESS student body.  The Student Network coordinates professional and career development activities, as well as provides student support, guidance, and mentoring.  These actions are achieved through monthly student-sponsored lunches and morning coffee meetings, student talks, seminars, and annual social events.


The NRESS Student Network communicates to the NRESS student body through the weekly NRESS newsletter and emails created with the NRESS Program Office.

NRESS Social Science Meet-Ups

NRESS students working on social science-based research (or socioenvironmental combined research) gather monthly to discuss our research progress, questions, and challenges.  For more information, contact the NRESS Program Office.

NRESS Student Network Coordinators

If you have questions, comments, or ideas for activities, please contact Emma BurkettAnna Mikulis, Deni Murray, or Cheristy Jones.

Weekly NRESS Community Coffee and Donuts

Join colleagues (NRESS students, faculty and guests) Friday mornings from 9-10 a.m. for the NRESS Community Coffee Hour.  Join any time during the hour; 9:30 a.m. for announcements (NRESS events, share news of your own) and this week's trivia question!  Contact the NRESS Program Office for the schedule.

Hosted by? the NRESS Student Network Team: Emma Burkett, Jonathan Clark, Allison Herreid, & Thomas Muratore.

Bi-Weekly NRESS Student Lunches

The Student Network offers a lunch series for NRESS students.  These are great opportunities for new students to come learn and returning students to share their experiences and knowledge. A pizza lunch is provided by NRESS!.

Coordinated Participation in Graduate School Events

Join NRESS peers and colleagues for presentation opportunities such as the Annual Graduate Research Conference and the Three Minute Thesis Competition!  Contact Student Networks leaders for more details!