Non-Degree Graduate Programs

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Non-Degree Options at UNH

If you're considering investing in graduate education but aren't sure where to start or even if it's for you, non-degree options provide a real-world opportunity to try it out and make an informed decision.

Pursuing a UNH graduate education is an exciting prospect. Whether you recently graduated or are returning to school after being in the professional workforce, our graduate programs allow you to work closely with talented and respected faculty members in state-of-the-art facilities as you complete your degree. With options ranging from business to fine arts, cutting-edge science to natural resources and sustainability, we're sure to have a program that will propel you further.

While graduate school offers you unique opportunities to grow academically and professionally, the challenges of finding the right program and balancing work, life and school can sometimes feel overwhelming. Taking a course in your intended field prior to fully applying to a graduate degree program is a cost-effective way to determine what program will best fit your needs and help you transition with ease back into school. To ensure that you find engaging courses in your desired program of study, UNH offers you the opportunity to "test pilot" graduate courses through its Continuing Education office.

Types of Non-Degree Courses

To meet your unique academic and career needs, UNH offers several types of non-degree enrollment options, each designed to help you get the most out of your course.

Credit Courses

Credit Courses

All credit courses are taught by approved UNH faculty. Non-degree or Continuing Education students take the same courses as matriculated degree students and all credits can be applied towards a degree program within the University. Please review the Graduate School UNH Non-Degree Credit Transfer form for more information about transferring Continuing Education credits into a degree program. You can apply a maximum of 12 credits towards a current graduate degree program. These courses must be at the Graduate Level (800-900) and must have resulted in a grade of B- or better.

Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit Courses, Seminars and Certificate Programs

Non-credit one-day seminars and short certificate programs are offered through UNH Professional Development & Training and provide you with advanced career and professional skills. Each seminar awards continuing education units (CEUs), which are recorded by the UNH Registrar's Office. CEUs attest to your professional development and may be used towards licensure and relicensure of some professions. Please note, however, CEUs earned through a non-credit seminar or certificate program cannot be applied towards a degree program.


Course Audits

At the discretion of the instructor on a space-available basis, Continuing Education students may audit credit courses at a reduced per-credit rate (not including mandatory and course-related fees). Students who audit courses get the benefit of learning about a topic or program of study without having to complete class assignments or exams. It's a great option for those who wish to pursue a personal area of interest without intending to enroll in a degree program. As with non-credit courses, audited credit courses cannot be counted towards a degree program.

Next Steps

After trying out a course or two as a non-degree student, you'll be ready to apply to a graduate degree program. Check our Programs of Study page for a full list of the graduate programs we offer. We'd also encourage you to contact us at the Graduate School or individual program departments for more information about the types of degrees available and for assistance with choosing the best degree option.