Application Instructions

We are thrilled that you have chosen UNH for your graduate studies. See below for instructions on how to apply to any UNH Graduate Programs.

*Note see the FAQ section below for help if you started your application before January 29, 2019.

step 1

Apply Online

Before you begin:
  • For the best user experience we strongly recommend using Chrome or Firefox. The web browser Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • You can save your application and return to it at any time in the process.

  • Once your application is submitted it cannot be changed in the application platform. Please, contact the Graduate School to make any updates.

  • Please check for any program-specific application requirements.

  • For current UNH graduate students, please see the Forms and Policies page for important documents that you may need.

Start Your Application 

  1. First-time users choose Sign Up. If you’ve already signed up, please log in.
  2. Provide the appropriate information. Click “Continue” after completing each section.
    • You can confirm your progress via bullets on the left side of the application. The bullets turn green when the section is complete.
    • The application questions are generated based on the program and the information you provide.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Provide your recommenders' email addresses in the application. They will receive an email from the Graduate School with instructions and may contact the at any point. Encourage your recommenders to send their letters before your program’s application deadline.
    • You can change any of your recommenders by clicking the “Change Recommender” button in the application or by emailing the Graduate School.
  4. Upload your documents
  5. Pay the application fee. Some people are eligible for an application fee waiver (e.g., U.S. Veterans, McNair Scholars, former and current AmeriCorps members, etc.).
  6. Your digital signature will be required to complete your application.
  7. Submit your application. We’ll send you an email confirming we received your application and we’ll provide you with a nine-digit number that will become your UNH ID number (a 9-digit number beginning with a 9).

step 2

Submit Transcripts,
Test Scores &
Residency Documents

These documents cannot be uploaded to the system and must be sent separately.
  • New Hampshire in-state residency: If you’re a New Hampshire resident and would like to claim N.H. residency for in-state tuition, submit the Proof of Residency Form or, for U.S. Veterans only, the Veterans’ Residency Form, to UNH Graduate School, Thompson Hall, 105 Main Street, Durham, NH 03824.

  • Official transcript: Transcripts must be sent directly by your institution via email or hardcopy, or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope.

  • GRE/GMAT: If your program requires the GRE/GMAT (check here), please have scores sent to the UNH Graduate School by the testing service.

  • International Students: Official English language score reports (such as TOEFL) must be sent to the UNH Graduate School by the testing service.

step 3

Monitor Your Status, Activate Your Accounts, and
Respond To Offer

Once Your Application Has Been Submitted:
  • Monitor Your Status: After you’ve submitted your application, you can monitor when we’ve received your transcripts, recommendation letters, test scores, etc., by logging into your online web application account.

  • Activate Accounts: UNH offers many online services that you can access using what is called your myUNH/OneCampus account. Some of these services are Webcat (to update your contact information, register for courses, pay bills, and check grades), myCourses (for coursework and assignments), and access to your UNH email account. All UNH applicants and students are assigned a randomly generated nine-digit ID that begins with a "9" to be used for as long as you are at UNH. This nine-digit ID will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days after you have submitted your application. If you do not recieve this email please contact our office for assistance. You will need this nine-digit ID to activate your myUNH/OneCampus account and when working with administrative offices on campus. For information on how to activate your various UNH accounts please see the UNH Login Help Page.

  • Respond to Offer of Admission: Once a decision is reached on your application you will be able to see it when you login to the applicaiton portal. Click on the decision letter envelope to view the letter. You may respond to the offer of admission at any time by viewing the letter and then clicking on the provided link on the screen. For more details see our respond to offer help page.

  • Activate UNH Email: Prior to becoming a student we will use the email address provided on your application; once you accept an offer of admission, however, you will have a UNH Wildcat Email account created for you. All official UNH Communications are delivered to your UNH Wildcat Email address - so be sure to check it often or contact the UNH IT Service Desk for help in forwarding it to your preferred email address. To activate your email go the UNH Wildcats Email page and follow the provided instructions. If you have problems please contact the UNH IT Service Desk. NOTE: that if the term you are starting as a new student ends more than a year out your email account will not be created until it is within one year.

  • If you have any questions, call the Graduate School at (603) 862-3000 or via email at

Check Your Status and Respond To Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have NOT submitted your application, you can change the term that you are applying for on your application. When you are in your current application, select the block on the left hand side. This will open up the application status list, and then select “UPDATE APPLICATION TYPE”, a box will appear confirming your request, select “CONFIRM” if you wish to continue, then you can select the new program you are applying to and the term.

If you wish to change your program or term after you submitted your application email, with the new program of term that you would like.

You can log into your application dashboard to see your application decision, select “View Your Decision”. In the bottom right hand corner of that page you will see “Reply to Offer” this is where you can either accept or decline your offer.

If you wish to defer email, with the new term that you would like to defer your application for. After your application is deferred, it will be sent to the department for another review.

If you have an application fee waiver code, you may enter the code in the application to waive the fee. If you do not have an application fee waiver code, please email the graduate school at prior to paying the application fee and we can then determine if you are eligible for a fee waiver.

You may view your decision at any time by logging into the Application dashboard and viewing your letter.

For applicants who started an application before January 29, 2019, and submitted using our old system, please use the link below to manage your application, monitor your status, and respond to your offer.


Important Addenda

  • Applicants are responsible for submitting the online application and any supporting materials directly to the UNH Graduate School. If mailing, send to: UNH Graduate School; Thompson Hall, 105 Main Street; Durham, N.H. 03824. Do not send or address any materials to your department of study.

  • Applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of their application to make sure it's complete. All application materials become the property of the University of New Hampshire and will not be returned, duplicated or forwarded to a third party at any time.

Application Fee Waivers

Application fee waivers are available for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and U.S. Veterans (does not include family members), McNair Scholars, current UNH graduate students (in a masters or higher level program), starting another program, students currently enrolled in the UNH Gate City ESOL program, applicants to the TRRE program or undergraduates who participate in CFAR (Center for Academic Resources) and have been certified as eligible for a waiver based on their financial need status. Applicants are also eligible for a fee waiver if you have served or are serving in the AmeriCorps or City Year programs. All other applicants must pay the application fee ($65 for Master's/E.D.S./Ph.D. programs; $25 for certificate programs) in order to have their application processed and reviewed. If you're requesting a waiver please indicate this on your application with the reason you're requesting the waiver. Note: You may be required to submit documentation to receive your fee waiver.

In-state Residency Requirements

New Hampshire residents wishing to claim in-state residency must submit a residency form with their application materials. Veterans currently residing in New Hampshire who wish to claim in-state residency must complete a residency form for Veterans and submit the form with their application materials.

Until in-state status is proven, applicants will be considered out-of-state residents. For more information see the graduate school residency policy. Note: If you live in New England, you may be eligible for the New England Regional (NER) tuition discount program.

Social Security Numbers

The University of New Hampshire is requesting your Social Security number (SSN) to comply with federal and state reporting requirements regarding students attending the institution. You must provide your SSN if you're applying for financial aid. The Internal Revenue Code and other federal laws require that UNH reports the names and SSN's of students who receive financial aid. The University will not disclose an applicant's SSN to anyone outside UNH except as mandated by law or institutional policy.