Graduation and Commencement

graduation ceremony

Dean Cari Moorhead snaps a selfie with the grads at the May 2022 commencement ceremony.

Grad Student Summer Intent to Graduate Deadline: Monday, August 12


Graduation and Commencement

Filing an intent to graduate and the commencement ceremony are independent activities. The Graduate School Dean's Office and Registrar's Office process the intent to graduate and certify completion of degree requirements at the end of each graduation term (Fall, Spring, Summer).

The annual commencement ceremony is organized by University Ceremonies and Events each May to celebrate all students who earned their degree during the academic year.

Please see our calendar page or the UNH Academic Calendar for important deadlines. For specific information about Durham Commencement activities, including ordering caps and gowns, dates and deadlines, etc., please see the UNH Commencement page.  For information specific to UNH Manchester, please see the UNH Manchester Commencement page.

Are You Ready To Graduate?

All students nearing the completion of their degree or certificate program, either as a primary or secondary program, need to file an Intent to Graduate by the deadline published on the graduate school calendar.  Filing an intent is the only way that the Graduate School will know if you are ready to earn your degree. 

Intent to Graduate

Filing an Intent to Graduate/Applying to Graduate is the only way the Graduate School will know that you've finished your degree requirements and are ready to be awarded the degree. The Intent to Graduate should be filed for the semester that you are officially completing your degree requirements.

An intent to graduate is required to earn all degrees, including PhD, DNP, Master's, and both post-master's and post bac certificate degrees. 

Students who do not file an Intent to Graduate will not have their degree awarded.

  1. Log in to Webcat
  2. Select 'Student Records'
  3. Select 'Graduation'
  4. Select 'Apply to Graduate'
  5. Screen: 'Curriculum Term Selection' select the term closest to the current term.  This will pull your eligible curriculum records.
  6. Screen: 'Curriculum Selection' displays programs eligible to graduate from based on term selected in prior screen. 
    • If you are enrolled in a secondary certificate program the certificate degree can be found under the second 'Current Program' even though this may appear blank.
  7. Select the degree to file application for and click continue.
  8. Screen: 'Graduation Date Selection' select the term/date expected to graduate.
  9. The next several screens will display name as it will appear on diploma, and mailing address.
  10. Review all information for accuracy and submit.

You will then see a confirmation screen to indicate that you have filed succesffully.  

If you are graduating from multiple degrees you will need to repeat this process for each degree.

Note: If you are unable to file your intent online, please contact the Graduate School so we can review your records and provide assistance.

View application after filing

  • Log in to Webcat
  • Select 'Student Records'
  • Select 'Graduation'
  • Select 'View Application to Graduate'

Filed intents will always show as Active.  This will not update once your degree has been awarded.  


Changing your Intent to Graduate

If you need to change your Intent to Graduate date, please email our office at with the subject line "Change Intent to Graduate".  Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Full name
  • UNH ID number (to help verify your identity)
  • Degree program
  • The new graduation date you are requesting

The Intent to Graduate should be filed for the semester in which you will officially complete all degree requirements.  To determine when you should file your intent, please contact your department to review your degree requirements. 

All coursework and degree requirements must be complete and graded by the graduation date for which applied in order to be eligible to earn the degree. 

Graduation Dates 

  • Spring: May (third Saturday in May, date varies) (UNH Commencement Ceremony)
  • Summer: September 1 (no ceremony)
  • Fall: December 31 (no ceremony)

Please see the official Graduate School calendar for filing deadlines.


Degree Confirmation

Approximately four weeks after the date of graduation, students should check their Academic Transcript on Webcat. Look at "Degrees Awarded", when the “Degree Date” displays the date of graduation, this confirms graduation.

Students can also request an official transcript through webcat making sure to check the 'hold for degree' option.  The Registrar's Office will then mail an official transcript as soon as the degree has been awarded.


Diplomas are mailed 8-10 weeks after the graduation date.

The name on the diploma will appear exactly as in the student information system.  For changes, complete a Name Change form.

If special characters are not reflected, contact for inclusion.

Mailing Address
Diplomas are mailed to the address provided when applying to graduate. You can verify your mailing address in WEBCAT (select Personal Information).  

International Address
Diplomas may be delayed. Contact for more information.


Students with Financial Aid Exit Counseling holds or with unpaid account balances will not have a diploma ordered until the holds have been cleared.

To view holds, log in to WEBCAT (Select: Registration>View Holds).

UNH-Durham Commencement

UNH holds an annual Graduate School commencement ceremony each May.  All graduate students who meet the participation eligibility requirements should register to attend the ceremony through the UNH Durham Commencement website if they wish to attend.  

Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

Doctoral students who meet the eligibility requirements and attend Commencement will participte in an official hooding ceremony as part of the larger ceremony.

UNH-Manchester Graduate School Commencement

If you are in a graduate program taught at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, please visit the UNH-Manchester Commencement website

UNH-Law Commencement

If you are in a graduate program taught through UNH-Law, please visit the UNH-Law Commencement website.

Eligibility to Participate in the May Ceremony

Master's and Certificate Graduates

Master's/Ed.S. and certificate students who will complete their degree requirements in May or earned their degrees the previous September or December are invited to participate in the May ceremony. In addition, Master’s/Ed.S. and certificate students who expect to complete their degree the following September are also eligible to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony as long as they have an intent to graduate on file for September.  

Doctoral Candidates 

Doctoral students are only eligible to attend commencement if they're receiving their degree in May or received their degree during the previous two semesters. Doctoral students who expect to graduate in May must have completed all requirements for the degree by the published deadlines in order to participate in commencement ceremonies.

*Only those candidates who have completed their degree requirements  will be included in the program. 

Commencement Program

Students who file their Intent-to-Graduate form by March 28 will be listed in the digital Commencement program.