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UNH Grad School Offers Two Bridge Programs

The ESL and Academic Bridge programs offer international master's students the chance to begin their graduate courses at UNH while gaining the necessary program prerequisite course work or English language skills needed to succeed at UNH. In order to successfully complete the Bridge Program, and become fully enrolled in your graduate degree here at UNH, you will need to complete the prescribed prerequisite program or ESL courses by the end of the second semester.

The English language version of the Bridge program is designed to help international students improve their English language skills by taking prescribed ESL courses and passing them successfully by the end of their second semester at UNH. For more information on these two programs see the information below or contact the UNH Graduate School at

What is the ESL Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is an opportunity for students who do not meet our minimum requirements for English Language Test scores (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS) to engage in ESL training while they begin their graduate studies.

Who is eligible for the ESL Bridge Program?

Students who are academically admissible to one of the select graduate programs, but score below our established thresholds for English Language Test scores.

How do I apply as an ESL Bridge Program student?

When completing your graduate application for any of the programs listed, you will be asked if you would like to be considered for the ESL Bridge Program. You will be notified whether you have been accepted to the Bridge Program, through your admissions decision.

What are the courses like for the ESL Bridge Program?

Courses are offered and adapted based on student needs. The courses provide a combination of English language development as well as an introduction to United States academic culture.

When will I be fully enrolled in the graduate program?

Students admitted to the Bridge Program must earn a passing grade in at least one ESL course (typically ENGL 600) before being fully enrolled in their graduate program. The exact course and the number of courses required will be determined by a member of the ESL Institute at UNH.

The Academic Bridge program is designed for international students whose undergraduate degree indicates additional course work needs to be successfully completed, usually by the end of their second semester at UNH, to satisfy the minimum course requirements to start their master's program.

Eligible Programs
  • ESL Eligible
    • Chemical Engineering - M.Eng.
    • Civil Engineering - M.Eng.
    • Electrical & Computer Engineering - M.Eng.
    • Mechanical Engineering - M.Eng.
    • Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology - MS
    • Ocean Engineering - M.Eng.
    • Computer Science - MS
  • Academic Eligible
    • Please contact your program directly.
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