Enrollment Deposits


Not all graduate programs require an enrollment deposit. To see if your program requires an enrollment deposit visit our Programs of Study page and look under the requirements section. Currently, the only graduate program that requires an enrollment deposit is the Master of Science in Analytics.

Contact our office with questions about your application and deposit status. If you have questions about how to pay your deposit or how to check your billing status, please contact the Business Services Office. If you have program-specific questions, please contact your department directly.

Acceptance and Making a Deposit

By paying your enrollment deposit, you're indicating you've accepted the offer of admission to the UNH Graduate School. Normally within 1-2 business days of making your deposit, your student record will be ready for you to register and enroll in courses (as long as enrollment for that term has opened up).

Please note that if you were admitted after the deposit deadline for your program no deposit is required. Consequently, if you wish to accept or decline your offer of admission and are a late admit, you will need to email the Graduate School office directly. Please include your full name, your UNH 9-Digit ID and the term and program for which you applied.


A MyUNH account is required to pay your deposit. If you don't already have a MyUNH account, please see MyUNH instructions for details on setting up your account. After you have logged in to your MyUNH account, go to the pay my deposit page and follow the on-screen instructions.


Applicants to programs that require an enrollment deposit are allowed to defer their admission. If you have paid the deposit then the deposit will be applied to the new deferred term. Once your deferral request has been processed by the Graduate School office, we'll notify the Business Services Office to move your deposit. If you have not yet paid the deposit, then you will have until the deposit deadline of the deferred term to pay it.

If you wish to defer your admission, please email our office directly with your admission deferment request. Include your full name, your UNH 9-Digit ID, your program, whether or not you've made an enrollment deposit, and the term to which you'd like to defer your admission. In addition indicate in your email whether or not you have made a deposit or not.

Non-Acceptance and Inactivations

If you know you will not be accepting our offer of admission, or wish to withdraw your application, please email our office directly with your name, UNH 9-Digit ID, the program and term to which you were admitted and indicate you are declining the offer of admission.

Refunds and Forfeits

A 50% refund on deposits will be given prior to the deposit refund expiration date. Once that deposit refund date has passed, refunds will not be issued. See Programs of Study for your program and its specific deposit refund expiration dates.