Creating Meaningful Goals – This isn’t another SMART goal workshop

Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 12:40pm to 1:40pm

Hamel Recreation Center room #243

 Your energy is a limited resource but it can be renewed with a shift in how you think about goals and success. Transitioning into a new academic year is an ideal time to reassess what matters and where you want to put your energy. Participants will start the process of creating goals that sync with their values and fulfill them both personally and professionally.  Presented by Dawn D. Zitney, wellness educator/counselor at Health & Wellness. Dawn has a background in counseling and is a certified wellness coach who specializes in college health. You must wear a mask and present a valid Wildcat Pass to attend this event in-person—or you can join us here: 14 students can attend in person.

Register here using one of the following event registration numbers: "2" to attend in-person and "3" to attend virtually.

Contact Info
Caroline Kanaskie