Current Happenings

Current Happenings


UNH Graduate School Programs

From Writing Retreats, to Talk About Teaching seminars, to Mindfulness workshops, to Grad Student Socials, UNH Graduate School programs are designed to help students gain skills and have meaningful experiences in various areas, so that by the time they graduate from the grad school, they feel prepared for their next steps, be it staying in academia or going into industry/non-profit. All events are determined by a Graduate Student Interest survey conducted annually to provide graduate students with the kinds of support they are seeking.

The programming categories include: Research, Written & Oral Communication, Teaching, Career Development, Networking, and Health & Wellness.

Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Graduate School offers a weekly newsletter, delivered to the inbox of graduate students and post-docs every Sunday night. The newsletter includes a list of upcoming events, community announcements, and fellowship/funding opportunities. View the latest newsletter.


Upcoming Events and Workshops

The Graduate School often sponsors various workshops, seminars, and other events for the benefit of our students.  Please see the Upcoming Events and Workshops page for more details on all of our upcoming events.