Whether you are writing, giving a presentation, or speaking with a mentor, effective communication is crucial to your success as a graduate student. The UNH Graduate School offers a suite of opportunities for students to improve their communication skills across professional, public, and personal platforms. Find the events and resources that best fit your needs and develop your ability to convey information to a variety of audiences.

  • Jennifer Spillane
    Jennifer Spillane

    "As a doctoral student in the final stages of my dissertation, some of the major challenges for me in the past year of the pandemic have been isolation and a sense of being untethered to any kind of schedule. I started going to writing sessions and retreats set up by the Graduate School to give me something to anchor my weeks and provide structure...(1/2)

  • Jennifer Spillane

    ...They did that, but I was totally unprepared for the support and accountability I also found during these sessions; they became an essential part of my weeks, and without them, I would not have finished my dissertation as successfully as I did.”  - Jennifer Spillane, Ph.D. Molecular and Evolutionary Systems Biology (2/2).

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Writing Support and Improvement Opportunities

The annual January Term Graduate Writing Retreat offers students a time and place to work on their dissertations, publications, theses and fellowship applications. Multiple community members, including faculty and the Writing Center provide on-site support and resources. Find the event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking "view all events."

The Graduate School holds regular Thesis and Dissertation Workshops on the rules and process required to format and submit final theses and dissertations. Take a look at the Thesis and Dissertation Manual and check for an upcoming workshop on the Master Calendar using the feed above.

The Graduate School organizes a semester-long Dissertation/Thesis Writing Retreat for all graduate students who are currently working on their dissertation/thesis. The purpose of the retreat is to provide you with protected time and writing resources in a supportive environment so that you could advance towards the completion of your work. The writing sessions take place one Friday afternoon a month (1-4pm) and one Saturday a month (10am-3pm). The Dissertation/ Thesis Retreat is for anyone at any stage of dissertation writing (beginning, middle, finishing). Even if you finished your dissertation/thesis but still have a revision to do and plan to do it this semester you are welcome to register. Resources are made available to help you plan, write, and revise your dissertation/thesis. Click here to register.

These weekly drop-in sessions aim to help postdocs and students from all graduate programs learn to write more productively. These sessions help students identify writing goals and deadlines and then work towards accomplishing those goals in a supportive writing environment with other graduate students and postdocs. For more information on this semester’s schedule, please contact Caroline Kanaskie at

Don’t forget to visit the Connors Writing Center to schedule one on one meetings with writing assistants for discussion and revision of drafted material.

Presentation and Oral Communication

The Three Minute Thesis Competition cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Presenting in a 3MT competition increases their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Competitors are allowed one PowerPoint slide, but no other resources or props. Find event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking on "view all events."

The Research Communications Academy is a free, annual program that trains faculty members, graduate students, and research-related staff to effectively communicate the power and impact of UNH research and scholarship to broad audiences. Components include workshops on orally communicating scholarly work, grant and proposal writing, media training and more. Find event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking on "view all events."

The University of New Hampshire Speech-Language-Hearing Center (SLHC) is a premier center that offers a full range of speech, language and communication services to both children and adults. the SLHC also serves as a clinical training program for graduate students in the commuication sciences and disorders program.


The Graduate School offers a three-part series where faculty, current and former graduate students, and academic advisors from the Graduate School talk about good mentoring and how to establish and maintain this relationship. You can go to the Mentorship Series Archives to find video recordings and all related documents. Find event and registration information on the Master Calendar by following the feed above or clicking on "view all events."

Related Courses and Training

The ability to secure financial support for research and outreach activities is becoming increasingly important. This course is intended for graduate and post-graduate level students who need to write proposals for their graduate work or to gain in-depth understanding of the proposal writing process through class discussions, insights shared by UNH faculty, and by writing a research proposal following the entire process.

This course is designed to enable students to receive information, guidance, and support in applying for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship program (GRFP). Students will become familiar with the NSF, its mission, and the selection criteria for this fellowship. Through independent work and collaborative exercises, students will strengthen writing skills and develop a strong application.

The UNH professional Development & Training website offers a wide variety of opportunities to improve your written and oral communication skills. Use the course search bar to explore what is available! For example, type in "Grant Writing" to see a number of additional training events to help you apply for funding opportunities.