Connecting with your peers and creating a sense of community is a great part of the graduate school experience. The Graduate School promotes social networking among students and postdocs through regularly scheduled events and platforms for connecting remotely. Student organizations and recreation on campus present open and inclusive environments for getting to know your peers and maintaining a healthy social lifestyle during your time at UNH.

  • Shantel Palacio, PhD Student in Education
    Finding Community Through Accountability

    "The writing accounability blocks have been an incredible way to engage with and at times commiserate with fellow students. When you've hit an impasse with your studies and stay isolated, it feels like a mountain that cannot be climbed. The writing blocks, not only keep me accountable with structured calendar blocks for study...(1/2)

  • Shantel Palacio, PhD Student in Education

    ...but when I express my concerns, I often get strategies or support from the incredible community of students who have either been there before or are also facing similar challenges. Knowing that I am not alone and am a part of a community of scholars turns that mountain into a small foothill! I am grateful for the support and encouragement I've received from my accountability buddies in the writing blocks!" (2/2) - Shantel Palacio, PhD Student in Education

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Join the Community

The University of New Hampshire and the UNH Graduate School are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all graduate students. We offer an array of student groups, offices, recruitment initiatives, resources and funding opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to ensure their success while in graduate school. Visit the Diversity & Inclusion webpage to learn more. We encourage you to contact the Graduate School with questions and suggestions about our available resources.

A great way to find community at UNH is by attending events for graduate students. The Graduate School offers regular programming—including workshops, writing accountability groups, research communication events, and more. There are also regular social gatherings open to the graduate community, including: “First Thursday” graduate student socials hosted by the GSS, “Read Free or Die” live readings of original work by students in the MFA Writing program, and Grad Student Hikes organized by Campus Rec’s Outdoor Adventures. The best way to stay up to date about current events for graduate students is by reading our Graduate School Weekly Newsletter, delivered to your mailbox each Sunday evening during the academic year.

  • The Nest & The Hive: Located on the ground floor of Thompson Hall, these are designated graduate student spaces. The Nest, Room G15, is a social space and features a variety of seating and tables, a meeting room, and coffee/tea/snacks. Graduate students are welcome in the Nest anytime during business hours, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. The Hive, Room G16, is a study and learning space, equipped with tables and chairs for approximately 20 people. While the Hive does have designated drop-in study hours for graduate students (schedule changes each semester—stop by for details), this space should typically be reserved in advance and can be done so by sending an Outlook calendar invite with your requested date/time to
  • Graduate Study Carrels: Unassigned carrels and a variety of seating options are available for graduate students in Room 441 of Dimond Library (Level 4) and are meant for quiet study. There are also lockers and book trucks available to sign out from May-May for a $5 rental charge. Any library materials kept in this room must be checked out. To obtain the combination to the room or to arrange a rental, please bring a valid Graduate UNH ID to the Circulation Desk on Level 3 (Main Level).

There are a number of student-led organizations open to graduate students at UNH. A list of student-led organizations with details and contact information can be found through Wildcat Link. A few of these groups are highlighted below!

There are also several clubs and organizations at the Manchester Campus. See the list of organizations to learn more. If you have any questions about club opportunities please contact

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the official voice of UNH’s graduate student body. The GSS works hard to advocate for graduate students, representing their interests across UNH and the university system, as well as engage the state legislature and foster a sense of community and social engagement among graduate students on campus. GSS elections take place each spring for students interested in running for a position. However, all grad students are welcome to attend meetings, which occur biweekly.

Stonewall Grads is a social and activism based organization supporting LGBTQA+ people at UNH with an emphasis on the graduate community. Stonewall Grads contributes towards making UNH a fairer, more equitable and diverse climate through collaborations with other affinity groups and pioneering activism. Please join us for the suite of events we hold, such as our 'Post-work Social get-togethers' - formerly known as 'beers with queers', sponsored events, discussion evenings and adhoc activism.

On the Manchester Campus there is an undergraduate led organization called Common Ground. Graduate students are welcome to participate in their meetings which focus on supporting the LGBTQA+ community.

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) invites you to enjoy a free dinner, connect with friends, and have in-depth conversations on topics of faith. Meetings are every Friday evening on the 2nd floor of Freedom Cafe (10 Mill Road, Durham). Contact for more information.

The benefits of your UNH affiliation don't end when you graduate. Your UNH Wildcat network is a unique community dedicated to the success of current and former students at every stage of life, and you are a vital part of it.

The Graduate School hosts regular social events such as the monthly First Thursday gatherings and Meet & Greets with UNH administrators. Keep a look out for the Graduate School Weekly Newsletter emails and follow the Graduate School on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on what's happening.

Departments, Boards & Services

OISS offers in-depth orientation programs and resources on topics including adjusting to living in another culture, adapting to the U.S. educational system, visiting area attractions and much more. They provide immigration advising and coordinate programs to bring international, campus, and local communities together. OISS will help you discover opportunities at UNH to immerse in American culture and share your own traditions with others from the U.S. and from around the globe. Contact for more information.

Board comprised of master's and doctoral students representing the cross-sections of U.S. underrepresented graduate students (e.g., colleges, gender) that advises the Graduate School deans on retention and recruitment-related initiatives. The board meets in-person monthly, and has a particular focus on building community for the underrepresented population. An "Underrepresented Graduate Student Organization" is in development, which will be governed by ABUGS.

For more information contact: or

The Northeast Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (NEAGEP) program is a consortium composed of 15 universities and colleges (including five minority-serving institutions), whose goal is to work cooperatively to increase the number of underrepresented U.S. minority students receiving doctoral degrees and becoming faculty members, with a particular emphasis in STEM fields. Founded in 1999, and under the Administrative leadership of the UNH Graduate School since 2018, this consortium has successes in an array of fronts, including collaborative work on recruitment and retention activities and innovative research regarding supports and challenges facing underrepresented graduate students.

"UNH is proud to take the lead in continuing this important work to increase diversity in graduate education, particularly in STEM fields. NEAGEP has made great strides and we are committed to ensuring it only grows." - Wayne Jones, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs via UNH Today

Military & Veterans' Services (MVS) offers timely processing of VA benefits with extensive programming to support student Veterans, Service Members, and other military-affiliated students. With a recently remodeled space (with over 2200 square feet!) and three full-time staff members, MVS is the primary go-to for any military-connected student using a military educational benefit or seeking support (academic, personal, or social). Contact for more information.