A Resource for Graduate Students and Postdocs!

The NCFDD is a nationally recognized center dedicated to helping faculty, post-docs, and graduate students make successful transitions throughout their academic careers. They provide professional development and mentoring through a host of resources that are applicable across all fields of inquiry. 

Their programs and services help to increase writing productivity, establish and maintain work-life balance, create broad networks of collegial support on their campus, and develop a committed stance towards their institutional home. NCFDD training teaches concrete, empirically tested strategies for increasing productivity and pays special attention to the challenges of underrepresented faculty, graduate students, and post-docs. 

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NCFDD For Graduate Students & Postdocs

This resource is not only for Faculty. There are specific resources for both graduate students and postdocs, so be sure to take a look at the pages below providing helpful break-downs of what NCFDD has to offer!

NCFDD for Graduate Students
NCFDD for Postdocs

What are the Benefits?

• Greater success with publications and securing external research funding  
• Increased confidence as an independent researcher and scholar 
• Healthier personal and professional relationships with colleagues 
• Increased interactions with external mentors, sponsors, and collaborators 


What are the Resources?

• Weekly Monday Motivator 
• Core Curriculum and Guest Expert Webinars 
• Access to Multi-Week Courses 
• Private Discussion Forum for peer-mentoring, problem-solving, & moderated writing challenges 
• Monthly accountability buddy matches 
• Access to Dissertation Success Curriculum for graduate students 

• Access to14-Day Writing Challenges 
• Access to the Member Library that includes past webinar materials, referrals, and readings