Offer of Admission Response

Congratulations on your admission to the UNH Graduate School!

Here, you will find instructions on how to accept/withdraw your offer of admission and exceptions to traditional admissions processes.

How to respond to your offer

Please follow the instructions below, to accept your offer.

  • Visit the Application Portal
  • Click the blue button, that says "View Your Decision"
  • Click the green button in the lower right-hand corner to "Reply To Offer"

Should you have any problems responding to your offer of admission online you may email us your decision at  In your email include your name, the program and term you are responding to, your UNH Student ID, and your decision.

Special Case Admissions Responses

Admitted Accelerated Master's students cannot respond to our offer online.

You will receive instructions from one of our admissions counselors with next steps.

Applicants who cannot enroll in the term for which admission was offered may request to have their admission deferred for up to one year. Students who request a deferral, and who are not currently active in another degree program, are responsible for dropping any courses they may be currently enrolled in at the time they request the deferral. Such requests must be in writing and will be considered only once. Because enrollments are limited and competition for admission may vary from year to year, such requests may not be granted. Applicants who have received approved deferment of their admission cannot register for graduate coursework at the University during the period of deferment.

If you'd like to defer your admission, please email your name, program, the term to which you'd like to defer and your UNH ID number to the Graduate School office.

International Applicants who require a visa to study in the United States should accept their offer of admission and will then receive further instruction on how to acquire immigration paperwork from the Office of International Students and Scholars.